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Americans buy up Lenin`s busts

From the date of October revolution has passed 90 years. Now pioneer ties and oktjabrjatskie badges became property of collectors. And still in Murmansk still sell things,   reminding of the Soviet epoch.


Sculptures of Ilyich

Vladimir Ilicha`s Images to find most easier. In antique shops it   is both in pictures, and in the form of busts, small and it is more, from 300 roubles. More often foreigners are interested in the leader. Americans,   for example, according to sellers, are sincerely convinced that Lenin was the first Russian president. Therefore with pleasure buy it and carry home. In antique shops of Ilyich older persons hand over basically. Before each decent family it was necessary to have houses the image of the leader of world proletariat. Now it decorates houses of foreigners is more often.


Pioneer ties and banners

In Murmansk it is still possible to buy the present pioneer ties, on 150 roubles for a piece. When - that in them one of shops traded. The power was replaced, and these red Komsomol attributes have turned to unnecessary rags, therefore the owner of shop has simply handed over them in antiques.

the Red banner from silk and a velvet will manage a minimum in 1000 roubles. And for 500 it is possible poveselit itself a pendant with an inscription like to the Brigade komtruda .


Documents and books

Old certificates take more often as an amusing gift to friends. There is even a complete set of documents, beginning from the admission in theatre and finishing the party book. Fans of the revolutionary literature without effort will find Lenin`s works. For example, the tiny pocket book How to organise sotssorevnovanie there are 300 roubles.


Propaganda porcelain

Is one of the most rare and expensive things. One plate with slogans or the image of leaders costs not less than 500 dollars. Usually them do not expose in show-windows of antique shops so to buy the porcelain propaganda material it is possible only in narrow circles of collectors.


Budenovki for a bath

the Revolutionary subject does not lose the appeal and today. Now you can feel the fearless Red Army man, simply being soared in banke. It is Enough to put on a head a cap for a sauna in a kind budenovki. The price in Murmansk - from 190 roubles.



How to earn on second-hand articles

If at you houses unnecessary things of the Soviet epoch bear them in antiquarian or commission shop were overlooked. There will estimate a status and degree of uniqueness of your goods.   For example, for Lenin`s portrait in cost in 1000 roubles it is possible to gain 750 one rubles (250 will take away to itself shop).

to Earn money for medals it will not turn out: it is forbidden to sell them. Antiquarian values which exist in the single copy, at you too will not accept for the same reason.