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Tutors - sverhurochnikov have left without surcharge

- Month our group remained without the nurse, and the tutor, as a matter of fact, worked for a two - parents Chelyabinsk detsadovtsev have complained to us. - And in the next group there was no tutor. And our teacher worked also for it - in shifts. This work to it have paid, but have not added surcharge (which since September teachers - " receive; preschool children from local authorities). The manager has explained that surcharge is put on the concrete, separately taken employee. And at combination it charge only once. But after all it is unfair, work - that is made the double? Any young expert has not come to our garden this year, and with nurses - a constant naprjazhenka. Means, tutors and will work further from a dawn to a decline without receiving surcharges?

- Municipal surcharges (a month for tutors and 500 roubles for their assistants) we have entered 1000 roubles to involve experts in kindergartens, - have explained to us in Management on affairs of education of administration of Chelyabinsk. - a situation with shots difficult. On the beginning of summer deficiency of employees of preschool centres made approximately 20 % (it turns out that work which five persons should carry out, four do! - a comment of Red.). We yet did not count up, how much vacancies were possible to close thanks to surcharges. But managing gardens say that the situation nevertheless has improved. Municipal surcharges are really put on the concrete, separately taken employee. And even if it works for a two all the same will receive only one surcharge.