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To Stavropol Territory have caught a gang of swindlers

Enterprising citizens traded in Kochubeevsky area and Nevinnomyssk. They got acquainted with inhabitants of edge, promised to arrange them for well paid work. However, with one condition - if those in exchange will buy on tick the car or home appliances.

- you understand, at me now which - what problems, and for the working purposes I cannot buy a car. Buy, please, it on tick. Do not worry, the debt will be repaid at the expense of firm! - approximately such spichem, it having presented by heads of firms, swindlers enticed victims into a credit hole. Definitively to lull vigilance, benefactors specified that even if the debt will not extinguish establishment, in bank they have people who if something happens will destroy all data about the credit.

and naive citizens came across on this fishing tackle. Pseudo-employers made out it counterfeit work record cards, did fictitious extracts about incomes then poor fellows made out credits. The largest - in 600 thousand roubles - on the car Mazda the worker of collective farm has issued.

then, believing that risk nothing, the yesterday`s unemployed made out general powers of attorney on swindlers. However time went, and the promise to pay the credit at the expense of firm was not carried out. directors said that at them time difficulties with work, asked kreditozaimtsev to wait.

and so proceeded months until in UBOP the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs of Stavropol Territory the information on activity of criminals did not begin to arrive. At first separate cases of swindle have been established. However after a while it became clear that in edge the criminal grouping operates. For 4 months swindlers have involved in a credit trap nearby 50 persons!

Members of grouping was six led by Igor Shevchenko.

- he has thoroughly studied the banks of Stavropol Territory giving credits, has studied an order of registration of credit contracts, - the chief of branch of an investigatory part on investigation of the organised crime of the Main investigatory management at Municipal Department of Internal Affairs SK tells Shiraz SHIRINJAN. - Then has defined the banks which do not have strict system of check on solvency.

employed people bought on tick cars, computers, chandeliers, refrigerators. Purchases which at first undertook on credit, and were then renewed on criminals, the last absolutely legally sold, and money took away to themselves. Buyers here have appeared guilty though guiltless: they did not know the criminal past of the goods. Employees UBOPa had to withdraw from them bought: 18 cars and home appliances.

Shevchenko, victims as if hypnotised spoke. The brilliant speaker, the master of belief, the good psychologist. In general, the professional liar with the experience. At investigation of its credit frauds such fact has emerged. Shevchenko has managed to dissolve on 500 thousand dollars (!) one of banks of Moscow.

participants of grouping are denounced under article Swindle in sphere of consumer crediting . In places of imprisonment they should spend till 10 years.

and here Shevchenko was possible to disappear, now it in federal search. All who knows about its place of abiding, the request to inform on it by phones: (86554 9 - 69 - 48, (86554 9 - 69 - 49, 02.