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In Zheleznovodsk the schoolboy has died of overcooling

There was among them the Armavir command representing Krasnodar territory.

in its structure was 8 - summer Dima Gorlanov. All sportsmen - prepared, besides the lost boy - the native nephew of the coach of the team. And the route has got to it the easiest, considering age.

- this day since morning there was at first a rain, the sleet has then gone, - children of one of Zheleznovodsk schools remember.

- we started from station Beshtau about 12 hours. Everyone in hands had a map with a route, are dressed all on - sports. And during the lunchtime have suddenly learnt that Dima Gorlanov was gone in wood and for the next day competitions are cancelled. All adults have gone to search for it on wood, but he did not respond and did not leave on check points. And so till the late evening.

- the Size of the area on which took place competitions, - has told the employee a press - services of administration of Zheleznovodsk Julia SHUBKO, - about 4,7 hectares. That is not the biggest. A route of competitions have fenced with a yellow ribbon. But why - that organizers, having learnt about loss of the child, not at once began to sound alarm, and have tried to comb wood. The child have not found. And only after twilight began to be condensed, they were converted into militia and the Ministry of Emergency Measures.

on searches of the child left Kislovodsk poiskovo - saving group and all Zheleznovodsk militia - 400 persons has been lifted.

someone has remembered, how Dima by phone even has informed in the afternoon that has gone off-course. The trainer has advised to it to return back. But he has responded that all - taki will search for check point. Further - silence. When next morning rescuers have found a body of the boy it became clear: it has not reached destination literally some metres.

Have found Dimu in 8 mornings on the bank of breakage, for limits of a platform for competitions it did not leave. The boy as - that neestesstvenno lay the tell-tale as though has slipped and has fallen, yes and remained in an unconsciousness. Any damages on a body it is not revealed. That is the attack and murder version is not considered. Under the basic version of Dima has died of overcooling - the temperature this day has fallen below zero of degrees.

upon  destruction of the schoolboy check is spent - teachers, trainers and organizers of action are interrogated. The question on criminal case excitation is solved.