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Voronezhets has won against Paul of Will of 700 thousand roubles

On Friday the channel TNT - Province has shown the project ending Laughter without rules . already wrote that is primary in game struggled four Voronezh participants - residents local Komedi (see from 04. 09. 07   on a site http:// www. vrn. old./, Voronezhets has won against Paul of Will of 100 thousand roubles ) . Three from them have withdrawn on selection tours. Only 27 - summer Ruslan White has held on till the end of game. Also has won! To Paul to the Will remains nothing how to congratulate Ruslana on fairly earned 700 thousand roubles.

- Ruslan, what you were given by this victory?

- Well, except money, possibility a few to promote, prove to be. And confidence has added: I began to feel as equals with people as whom considered more feasibly earlier. Now I can tell that in respect of humour I flush with Vladimir Turchinsky, and in respect of physical strength - with Paul Will (laugh)!

- That is necessary to defeat?

- necessarily good sense of humour and ability to be itself. Some of participants create to themselves a certain image and try to act only in it. But constantly to be arranged under this role difficult. And it is much more interesting to spectators to observe for live participants. Here I also tried to be oneself. By the way, all children who have reached the final, were on the ball - a duet Cattle Ira from Nizhni Novgorod, I even was afraid that I can not beat it!

Now Ruslan White is going to act in to Lethal league .

- And who was pleasant to you from the stars judging game?

- With celebrities communicated a little... But I liked Boris Moiseyev, it was as a part of jury of one of programs. Also has very favourably proved to be in this role: competently and adequately estimated all event on a scene. I that day did not act, and consequently could estimate from outside. On a broader scale, on - to mine, Boris the most stylish man from all stars approving at me on the project.

- Well, Rockefeller and how you are going to spend a prize? (the Winner as a result will receive hardly less half-million - 35 percent will leave on payment of taxes. - Red. )

- I Will go to the Disneyland (laughs)! Yes I do not know while. I think, on life arrangement.
Ruslan and further is going to submit Moscow. In plans at White, except performances in local Komedi Klab - participation in the project Lethal league .

a TV channel Photo TNT - Province .