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Lanovoy had to disappear from fans

In a city these days amber, as on " has sharply risen in price; the Baltic debuts the large quantity of people has gathered: known actors, directors and the spectators wishing on them to look.
On festival closing there has arrived Vasily Lanovoy. It was necessary to it to leave the car as the actor was surrounded at once by crowd of fans. After rewarding ceremony where the prize " has been handed over Lanovoy; For honour and worthiness it has been urged to leave a cinema on - partizanski - through a rear entrance. Otherwise it the crowd of fans which watched for him at the central entrance dared and scanned: La - but - howl!
Irina Rozanova has arrived together with the husband - director Bahtierom Hudojnazarovym. It represented the film the Tanker the Tango . In it Rozanova acted in film also. In one of cafe of the spouse have celebrated Irinas birthday. Rozanova has sung such frank chastooshkas that has struck all.
But the most merited singer of festival there was Olga Budina. On closing it has executed a romance on verses of Anna Ahmatovoj.
- I for two years have dropped out of cine process from - that was engaged in the child, - have told to correspondent Budina. - I Consider that women should not endow the kid for the sake of work. And the more children will be in a family, the better.
- you now where - nibud act in film?
- Is not present. But, I hope, soon I will.
Gran - at festival took a film Four minutes German director Chris Krauza.