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The director the First on the Moon Alexey FEDORCHENKO: - My best films still ahead

Yesterday in Kosmomolke has passed online - conference with our known fellow countryman, the director, the winner of the Venetian festival Alexey FEDORCHENKO.

I do not want to submit Hollywood

- Alexey what it presently - to remove arthouse   (author`s, intellectual . - a bus Comment) Cinema? On a broader scale that you think of the public or do not think absolutely, and remove for itself ?
With impatience we wait for your new films. Thanks, also do not lose the charm!

- Thanks for kind words! Arthouse cinema presently, and, probably, at any time to remove remarkably! Here with hire difficult. But all - taki the further work I see in this direction. If in our country will be   only films for the wide spectator it becomes the next step, and is faster, jump in a precipice of grey lack of culture. We have some such class scenarios that if it will be possible to shoot on them films life will be lived knowingly! If the director shoots films for someone (for the spectator, for the customer), the cinema present hardly will turn out. It is possible to be guided only by itself.

- And more a question: You do not feel yourselves as the provincial in Moscow - in sense of the accessory to Ural Mountains and Sverdlovsk to culture?

-   I do not feel myself as the provincial neither in Moscow, nor in New York. And me it is pleasant, when any critic from the Dignity - Paolo yours faithfully asks on the Ural cinema.

- a leah Truth that you have deleted from a caption the First on the Moon directors of the Sverdlovsk film studio of Churbanova? If yes, why?

- After success of a film the First on the Moon there were many interested persons to join a film crew, and even to be called as producers of a film. Producers of this picture - Dmitry Vorobev and Alexey Fedorchenko. And nobody deleted Michael Churbanova, it too is in a caption - at studio he was engaged in economic problems.

- a leah Were at you when - nibud thoughts to subdue Hollywood?

- Is not present.

Igor, Ekaterinburg:
- As   to involve the Russian spectator in domestic cinema? And that after all inostranshchina all has captivated!

- the Recipe one - to remove and show more than good cinema. Such which it is possible to name art. And the spectator will gradually get used to the good.

Sasha, Vladimir:
- Whom from directors you could name the teacher?

- me have influenced   Pazolini and Takeshi Kitano.

Nikolay Leonidovich:
- a leah It is possible to tell that the First on the Moon - your main film? Or your main film still ahead?

- After the First on the Moon I managed to remove two more films and a serial. Most of all while to be pleasant to me the film SHosho removed on a fairy tale of the remarkable writer from Kazan Denis Osokin.

- How much is to remove a film hit? And where, as a rule, you take such big money?

- Today to shoot a film on a film it is necessary minimum 700 thousand dollars. It is the sum on chamber enough film. Average cost of a film now reaches to 1,5 - 2 million dollars. I do not speak about the blockbusters which estimate aspires to infinity. For my films money was allocated with the state.

Swine - simply unsuccessful picture

Nikita, Nizhni Tagil:
- That you think about a film Swine . It is the same invention, as well as yours the First on the Moon ...

- Any scenario is an invention. I would not began to speak much about a film Swine . On - to mine, it is simply unsuccessful picture, and she does not merit that wave of discussions which has risen in a press.

Olga Naumov, Moscow:
- Has looked the First on the Moon SHosho . A leah It is possible your other films where - nibud to buy? They leave in hire? I did not see in shops.

- In May of next year should leave DVD with SHosho .

- When to wait to the prime minister of your film the Railway ?

- the Trial copy of a film we have shown at festival the Window to Europe in Vyborg. We have received there two prizes, but quality of a film me all the same yet does not arrange.
we plan that in hire the film leaves in the spring. I think, on February, 29th.

Timur Garipov, Chelyabinsk:
- Alexey, was glad to learn that your new serial Abduction of a sparrow recently have noted for originality of idea on a film festival the Stout heart . And when and where it will be possible to see this film?

- the Serial acted in film by request of the Government of Moscow and the producer company the Pelican . Probably, they have any reasons concerning hire of this serial. Unfortunately, we do not possess the hire rights. I hope that in the near future the serial leaves on the screen.

- And more one question: and what do you think of religion? You the believing person?

- religion I treat kindly. I the atheist.

  the Novel Nikitin:
- And you how consider who all - taki was the first on the Moon?
- I think that the Chinese hunter At.

Fedorchenko also did not dream to become the director

the Well-known director has communicated to admirers on a site ANDREEV Sergey

- I read that you take scenarios at a stock exchange of scenarios. You search for them only there? A leah can show the author from Ekaterinburg to you the creativity?

- Yes, Larissa, certainly. It is possible to bring the scenario   in a movie company on February, 29th (we sit in the case With - 500 on VGTRK on Lunacharsky`s street) or to send to edition on e - a mail: kp@kpural. ru. I will necessarily read.

- you since the childhood wanted to become rezhiserom? A leah arises at you sometimes desires to throw direction and to be engaged in absolutely other things?

- Is not present, I did not dream of work of the director. After school I have entered UPI on engineering - economic faculty on a speciality the work Organization in machine-building manufacture . On a speciality has worked 2 years at one defensive factory, then the economist of years ten and only has then arrived in VGIK. While I consider that at me the most remarkable trade and I do not think it to change. Then - we will look.

- And when you have decided, what become the director?

- I have gone to study in VGIK as a script writer, but on a last year have already shot the first film.

- Why you do not move to Moscow? Do not invite, or you as Shahrin - the patriot of a native city?

- While thoughts on moving at me were not - to me is comfortably and worked in Ekaterinburg.

- you work in Ekaterinburg -   a leah hard to you to connect in a picture of actors known all over the country?

- With actors of problems is not present, there are problems with their fees, and they grow unreasonably.   but almost with any   it is possible to agree, if it likes the director and the scenario.  


Alexey   Fedorchenko Was born on September, 29th, 1966.
in 1988 has ended Engineering - economic faculty   UPI.
Worked as the engineer - the economist on Sverdlovsk factory NPO Automatics .
In 1998 has arrived in VGIK, on faculty dopolnitelnitelnogo educations.
a film the First on the Moon removed in 2005 - a director`s debut in the game cinema, received set of awards. The main victories: the best documentary film on the Venetian film festival, and a prize for the Best debut on a Kinotavr .