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Leah becomes vjazemskaja the beata sacred?

Anastas Filippovna Filippova, or as it named in the people, Nastenka - vjazemskaja the beata. Unfortunately, there were few documentary certificates on her life.  

According to the certificate on death, she has died on May, 27th, 1959 at the age of 117 years. As the document, a cause of death - a chronic bronchitis of lungs says.      

Consider that vjazemskaja the beata was born in village Minino of Velikopolsky volost of Vjazemsky district of Smolensk province.                 It is said that in the childhood of Nastenka was the feeble-minded child. Local residents remember that jurodivaja went to beg with mother on villages, and spent the night in drying houses and sheds. During pre-war time of Nastja worked at match factory. Zavodik was in Ioanno - Predtechevom a man`s monastery. During lifetime of Nastenka was famous as the folk healer and the foreteller. People came in Nastenke behind advice and the help. The beata never asked money. For advice took only products and vital things.

Among vjazmichej and inhabitants of nearby villages hearings about its superhuman abilities till now go. As narrates   in the book abbot Arcady Beata Anatsasija Vjazemsky. The biography on memoirs of contemporaries hearings about salutary ability of the beata have extended in due time far beyond area. Old residents tell, to pre-war time to it behind the help there came even one of the Kremlin workers (a name it to establish and it was not possible).

in the people the well-known legend about a prediction Nastenkoj of exod of the Great Patriotic War goes. Shortly before Stalingradsky fight people have asked the beata to foretell, who will defeat war. Set the table, visitors we will meet - the foreteller has told. Then Nastja from walls has made photos, and began to name their names of governors: Stalin, Roosevelt, Churchill, Hitler. With a lemon the beata has put tea to Stalin photos; honey with jam and sugar - to Roosevelt and to Churchill . And about a portrait designating Hitler Nastja has turned a cup. this has got drunk, is not present to it to more tea - the beata has angrily told. Comments here are hardly pertinent.                      

There were certificates on death vjazemskoj the beata. In the evening on May, 27th, 1959 Nastenka has laid down on a floor and has imposed itself with icons. So it also has departed in the world other.

the Tomb of the beata Anastass is on vjazemskom the Ekaterina`s cemetery. Among inhabitants is povere that the tomb possesses salutary properties.          

Now ministers vjazemskogo Piously - the Troitsk cathedral collect data on life of Nastenki, for its reckoning to a community of Saints. Old residents of a city help with a noble cause and local newspapers. to canonise beata Nastenku, not simple business, - father Valery tells. - among inhabitants many hearings about miracles of the beata go. For its canonization it is required to collect all certificates on miracles and life of the beata, and to give on court to the Patriarch .