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That the woman wants: to work or be at home?

poll   by means of questioning has been spent in hospitals, polyclinics, female consultations of a city and area, and also by phone. Participants of a steel of the woman,       having children to 3 - h years and being in holiday on care of the child or idle. In total it was possible to interrogate 541 woman, among them 335 persons - at the age from 20 till 29 years. On 541 woman it is necessary 694 children: basically it is mothers with one - two children, in Chernyakhovsk among interrogated - two mothers with four children. Among children the age from 1,5 till 3 years prevails.


It agree a post... The worker

280 from the interrogated women at present are in holiday on care of the child. On the first place - the women who are in holiday less of 6 months, then - from 6 till 12 months and   from 12 till 18 months. Are not officially in holiday on care of the child 261 respondent, from them 44 on a broader scale   did not work, the others worked in the organisations which are not giving social guarantees. At these women prevails having rummaged in work from 1 till 3 years.

the Basic part of respondents (386) wishes to start to work, motivating the decision with financial difficulties. The considerable part interrogated does not have additional incomes, but they are ready to provide baby sitting in case of appearance at work. The majority of women has expressed desire to get a job on a new place, and the considerable part from them would agree on a post of the worker.


we do not want the low salary

As it was found out, at employment on old   a workplace of the woman face with   following difficulties: a low salary, an improper operation mode and absence of social guarantees.   They also should test psychological pressure of the employer   and to hear refusal in employment from - for small children.

One of the main obstacles at   employment   absence of kindergartens is. The similar situation develops practically in all areas of area. For example,   in the city of Sovetske with 2002 for 2007 5 preschool institutions are closed, and the turn on places in kindergartens makes more than 2000 persons.

Among negative factors at the device on a new place of work of the woman named a low salary, an improper operation mode and working conditions, discrepancy of level of professional qualification, absence of necessary skills (for example, using PEVM, programs 1)   and   social guarantees.   difficulty at employment was tested only by 61 interrogated woman having necessary skills and experience.


Where to go to study

the Basic part interrogated   considers that improvement of professional skill and conversion training in care of the child to 3 - h will help to find years a good place of work.    

To be trained in a new trade have wanted 131 persons. The most demanded   by specialities have been named: the user of the personal computer, the bookkeeper, the seller, the hairdresser - the manicurist, the secretary, the designer, the manager on sales, the cosmetician - the visagiste.

to Raise qualification are ready 85 interrogated, they are bookkeepers, economists, office - managers, lawyers. At all have not expressed desire   to be retrained 170 women. Basically it is inhabitants of rural areas.

In Kaliningrad the majority of the interrogated women who are in holiday on care with children, do not wish to work.

From among those who wants to find the work, many consider important for successful employment to raise qualification or vocational training. They are ready to master a new trade and have possibility to provide baby sitting in training.


Problems will be solved by the new law

having summed up poll, experts have drawn conclusions that for improvement of position of the women having children, and for the decision of a demographic problem it is expedient to bring in areas   changes in the legislation of Russia. Acts which would contribute in stimulation of employers in employment of women with children are necessary.

increase of control over performance by employers of requirements of the Labour code of the Russian Federation and granting Is necessary also for women of social guarantees. Well and certainly, it would be necessary to increase the size of the grant on care of the child to ones and a half and till 3 years and the sum of the monthly grant.