Rus News Journal

The letter to descendants have started on balloons

Well that in first half of day on November, 4th in Kaliningrad there was no rain. Otherwise the celebratory meeting on the square of Victory for certain would leave even less crowded. And without that the overwhelming majority of the celebrating was made by young men and girls with flags Young guards and an United Russia in hands. From time to time to them there arrived a reinforcement: the head in a jumpsuit with foreign inscriptions specified, it was required to fill up which flank with those who was unloaded from trucks, in passing handing over them the next staff in the cold hands.

On a scene in the meantime swung flags. At first - neutral, in general - that, a kind youth. Then - strong guys with kamuflirovannym top. After them - feminy, it is live reminding Soviet fizkulturnits. The song " has definitively shipped in nostalgia on not so to the old past; If guys of all earth However, performed by the Kaliningrad soloist this hit resurrected in memory more likely not its first executor Mark Bernes, and nowadays well Borechku Moiseyev. Soon on a scene have appeared oktja fie you!. Probably, they should be called now bear cubs ? I was definitively convinced that the person has taken a hand in the action scenario skilled, still that, the Soviet training.

During the put moment before the people heads of area, Baltflota and Kaliningrad (in such order they were presented by leaders) have appeared. George Boos and Konstantin Sidenko (commander BF) were, in general, are short. But Yury Savenko has afforded small digression to the Russian history. Start " became deification of a semi-official organ; symbolical (as our well-known showman Vitaly Makarov) letters was expressed to descendants.

- Though at first would read that there it is written, - the muzhik near to me has muttered, watching leave an envelope on balloons (one more childhood memory - a soaring Olympic Bear) which was carried away in a lowering sky.  

On respectful distance from lump observed of a unification of Russians of steam - a three of guest workers from Central Asia. On my estimations (in advance I stipulate, what not dock in similar estimations),   at midday on the area was the person 300 - 400, including militiamen and casual passers-by.



6 thousand kaliningradtsev, according to official figures, have taken part in celebratory actions on November, 4th.

the order on area was looked after by 500 militiamen and 100 fighters of internal troops.  


And At this time

Russian march The militia

has stopped Carrying out Russian march   in Kaliningrad, as it is known, it was forbidden by the authorities. The formulation " became an occasion; the Jewish fascism in the demand which why - that have charged to write at all to the local Russian patriot most adequate, in my opinion. Nevertheless, small nationalists have tried to gather at a monument Mother - Russia . There they were met by dense cordons of militia. It is informed on the withdrawn flags with a swastika is more exact - with stylised rotation . And the car Ford under which there was a seditious evident propaganda, ostensibly was registered in search.

- In Kaliningrad the militia had been detained 12 persons, - the chief of the centre of public relations of the regional Department of Internal Affairs Vyacheslav BOGUTSKY has specified. - the Five have released practically at once. On the others have made reports for infringement of the Administrative code of the Russian Federation.