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In Murmansk will close some pedestrian crossings

On Friday, on November, 2nd, in   there was a material GAI has made a rating of the most dangerous crossroads . After that inspectors of traffic police together with the mayoralty of Murmansk have studied these roads and crossroads and have decided that it is necessary to make to lower breakdown susceptibility on them. We result the first conclusions.

Have begun with the goat track . So name a steep slope in the street Furmanova, which   motorists use often for a detour of a stopper at shop Youth . On to a track practically there are no illuminatings, and without light drivers at times do not notice pedestrians. Especially, if the last go in dark clothes. To prevent road accident, the assistant to the mayor Alexey Lyzhenkov has promised to put there lanterns. Most likely, it will occur in 2008.

the Second problem place - a crossroads of street of Lomonosov and Ski journey. Inspectors have made decision to establish there a traffic light, differently the motorists dispersed on Lomonosov practically do not pass in that place of pedestrians.

the Third - recently transferred noncontrollable pedestrian crossing in the street Polar Dawns. On a place old zebras that the people did not run through road, protections will be established.

And here on a crossroads of street Aleksandrova and the prospectus of Heroes - severomortsev noncontrollable transition while remains. We will remind, this place - the leader of a rating of dangerous crossroads. On November, 2nd here under bus wheels Ikarus has got 77 - the summer grandmother. It has got numerous traumas. However, on an ill-starred crossroads inspectors of traffic police will be on duty now. In some weeks on a place of the former transition too will set up a high fence.


And At this time

Drivers have under abnormal condition noted the beginning of winter

For target in the Polar region there were 12 autoincidents

the First winter days have appeared rich on failures and collisions. The statistics has shown that polar motorists have appeared are not ready to snow and ice on roads. Only for the days off in area there were 12 major accidents and 133 small collisions. In them were lost 2 and 13 persons are wounded.

- Terrible failure has occurred on Friday in 16. 30 under Polar, - Olga Trofimova has told the employee of management of traffic police. - the Driver Volga belonging military unit, has left on a counter strip and on all speed ran into the truck Ural Mountains .

the Driver has got serious traumas and crises, and here the passenger, the commander of military unit, was lost.