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The governor will move to the Royal castle?

kindergartens on Selme

On Saturday George Boos has gone with inspection across Kaliningrad. The microdistrict Selma became the first point in a city route of the governor. Already at half past eight here the head of region the main architect of a city Alexander Bashin expected. It has shown to George Boos and ministers of the regional government the project of full building of microdistrict. As it was visible at the stand, three kindergartens are entered in the future inhabited files (everyone with pool), modern polyclinic and the big school on one and a half thousand places. Kindergartens and school, according to Bashina, will be constructed to 2009, polyclinic - by 2011.

- But here there is a small problem, - the mayor of Kaliningrad Yury Savenko has noticed. - here there is a garden society which disturbs to our building. We have legal proceedings with them.

- So it is necessary to explain that they have an earth behind a ring road, - looking at gardens darkening nearby, George Boos has responded. - if it is necessary, we even will help them to move there.


Physicians have complained of the salary

While went to children`s polyclinic 6 that in the street Bitter, George Boos has shared a couple of interesting ideas with colleagues. He has suggested the mayor to develop a historical route on the centre of Kaliningrad where, by an example of the European cities, it would be possible to start up ancient tramvajchik.

Most of all pediatrists wanted to know, when it will raise icon settings.

- Among other things, there was at me one more interesting idea, - the governor has added. - when at us will construct the Royal castle, I want, that it did not stand the empty. Besides a museum, it is possible to place there and our regional government.

At last have arrived to polyclinic. Heads of medical institution have shown to the governor the repaired procedural offices, operational and the equipment received under the national project. In the meantime in a polyclinic hall the most part of its personnel has gathered. Pediatrists on the raised tones discussed the salary. As they said, it made all 3 thousand.

- Specificity of work is that that every day we communicate with weight of the infected people, - spoke employees of polyclinic. - On us both sneeze, and cough Accordingly the salary should respond these loadings. But on 3 - 4 thousand a month own health plainly you will not support, and for other needs does not suffice.

the Mood of doctors foretold uneasy conversation. When there was a governor, all these claims have fallen upon it and.

- the Salary humiliating small, and at me is not present confidence that I will remain to work here and further, - have told to George Boos managing doshkolno - school branch of polyclinic Tamara Stepanova. - And after all I have given all life to medicine! I live only because in parallel with the basic post I replace sanitarok which at us catastrophically does not suffice.

In reply to it Boos has assured that will understand a situation in details and without attention of doctors will not leave.


On Kuibyshev will put a border

After children`s polyclinic the governor`s bus has gone on street of Kuibyshev which now actively reconstruct. When drove a crossroads Bitter and Ozerov, the chairman   district Advice Alexander Jaroshuk has shown the repaired five-storey apartment block.

- External and internal repair has managed in 12 million roubles, - Alexander Jaroshuk has explained.

Having examined building of the new improved line on Kuibyshev, Boos has concluded that the program of reconstruction of road does not correspond to loadings of the future movement: between two directions the strong border should be established. Otherwise all today`s repair investments through two - will three years simply are dug . Yet late, the working documentation should be corrected, head of area has added.

- George Valentinovich, here is one more problem, - Alexander Bashin has told. - The area will actively extend. One kindergarten and one school on all its small inhabitants simply will not suffice.

- the Project of perspective development of area is? - The governor has asked.

- Yes, for example, extensive vicinities of case RGU of a name of the Edging in the street Neva - federal lands. They could be involved just under infrastructure development


Stadium near park

When the governor`s commission has appeared at stadium the Locomotive about park 40 - letija VLKSM, the president of regional Federation of track and field athletics Dmitry Rodinovich at once has directed to officials. It has passed George Boos the whole package design - the budget documentation. On schemes which were looked through by the governor, the enormous modern stadium has been represented. Simply it was not believed that here where while even the covering of a football ground does not maintain any criticism, such giant can grow.

- How much it is all costs? - The governor has asked sports chiefs.

- there are less 200 million roubles together with an accomplishment, - someone from officials has responded.

- the railway is ready to invest Realization of this project, - Yury Savenko has added.