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Prussian kings have received 150 thousand roubles

this year for the first time in history regional awards on a game there was such huge prize fund. In incomplete two hours from a sport centre scene the Youth to winners have distributed 1 million 800 thousand roubles. As already told on 150 thousand budget money the government has allocated to the winner in each nomination (look number for October, 31st, and also on a site). Names of twelve lucky beggars kept a secret before the ceremony of rewarding.

Singer Marina Hlebnikova entertained visitors the Youth already after distribution of awards.

- I signed today diplomas, but even to me have not shown, to whom exactly they are intended, - George Boos has told from a scene.

As pleasant addition to winners have handed over also on a figurine in the form of heart. For their manufacturing of the master have spent five kgs of amber and three kgs of silver. And here a cash in the Youth nobody has seen - bonus money has listed on credit cards. In the event that the award got to several authors at once, the sum shared on all participants of the project. For example, so have arrived with collective of the Museum of the World ocean participating in restoration of Royal gate and restoration of figures of three Prussian kings.

Well and we result the complete list of owners of four regional awards of 2007 nearby.


the Award CREATION . It is handed over   for achievements in area   buildings and housing - a municipal complex, the industry, transport, architecture, nature protection activity, other spheres of managing. Winners:


the Award EUREKA . It is handed over for   achievements in the field of a science, technologies and innovative activity. Winners:


the Award PARTICIPATION . It is handed over   for   achievements in humanitarian and social spheres. Winners:


David Smelyansky has received the Recognition .

the Award   the RECOGNITION . It is handed over for achievements in the field of culture, literatures and arts. Winners: