Rus News Journal

As the Byelorussian in Smolensk traded in milk

7. 50 Orsha

  has on Saturday morning woken up in Orsha. The shop in the street the World started to work only in eight, therefore for “ white “ (read: behind milk!) I have gone to station. The blessing, shop “ ×űăóíŕ÷íłę “ already works, and shop “ the Express train “ - round-the-clock.

In “ ×űăóíŕ÷íłęó “ there were three lonely dairy tetrapaka on 1200 roubles (13,80 Russian roubles), other milk was in soft packages. Packages I did not want to take: they could spread in a backpack. Sour creams not was absolutely, and cottage cheese was only road. Having taken away three milks on 1200, I have come in “ the Express train “. There milk yet have not delivered. Well, from station to a city there is a street Molokova - there, I have thought, is exact zatarjus.

Like hell! In the first shop there was only expensive milk on 1790 that did not keep within my business - the plan, in the second I took three packs of sour cream, in the third - two packs of the butter, three briketika cottage cheese, a cheese piece. Other milk was necessary - taki to take in packages on 960 roubles …

Poll of saleswomen has shown that anybody in large quantities does not buy up milk, “ a maximum on 5 - 6 litres “. “ Well, can, it is necessary to people! “ - has explained the cashier.

For 4840 (56 Russian roubles) I took the privilege ticket on an electric train to Smolensk. A yellow package on which it has been written “ 50 kg “ has not sustained a landing on a bench in an electric train: has burst as a soap bubble. But in it there was a plus because has begun …

  8. 55 Discussion in an electric train

  - Look, sour cream carries! - the grandma simultaneously how my sour cream and tvorozhok have fallen out on a bench has blurted out. I have begun to push all in other package, but the occasion has been given - people began to be whispered. It has appeared, milk is carried only by me. The others carried meat. Skilled shuttles could not understand, in what a dirty trick: Whether hlopchik a burdock, whether they have passed something …

In an electric train there was a terrible cold. I have gone to platform to communicate with militiamen Alexander and Andrey.

- Milk nobody carries! - me Alexander at once has assured. - there was time when carried. But now, probably, it is unprofitable.

- Carry meat the whole carts, - Andrey supplements. - and from Russia pull vodka, tea, cigarettes.

- And you check?

- And that to check, after all on export of restrictions any is not present! Back we will be shmonat, that “ Maksimku “ did not carry, and that again people will be poisoned …

In settlement Red (Smolensk region) - change. I was delighted, after all in the Russian electric train there were double-glazed windows and with might and main heaters worked - in the car was really warm. I have embraced the package with dairy products and have dozed off. I when behind a window has already seemed …

  have woken up; 12. 30 Station in Smolensk

Smolensk buyers attack the correspondent “ Michael NIKOLAENKOV














Grandmothers with carts jumped out from an electric train, as commandoes from the plane. Sleepy, I hardly kept up with them. A march - a throw through the foot bridge - and we appear on a platform before trehsotletnej church is and there is a trade place. Local residents precisely know, when electric trains from Orsha and Vitebsk come, and impatiently wait, when our grandmothers will unpack the boxes from - under bananas.

Carts stand in a row, directly on boxes meat gives all the best.

I as the poor relative uncertainly become with edge and I put on a package a milk pack.

- Cottage cheese is? - The woman of average years jumps up to me.

Cottage cheese - that is, but I yet do not know, how much it to sell!.

- Call the wife, ask that how much! - I on an ear whisper to the photographer Smolensk “ to Michael Nikolaenkovu, and itself I start to play for time:

- Wait, women, I only have arrived, yet have not considered that how much is!

- Give consider more soon! How much thy cottage cheese? - Other customer snatches on me.

There is nothing. I divide 900 Belarus roubles for which took in Orsha a cottage cheese pack on 85 (is the course of the Russian rouble). It turns out 10,6. At random I speak:

- Cottage cheese on 13 roubles.

- I Take! How much is? Three? I take all three!

the Woman pulls out at me from hands cottage cheese, vanities of 40 roubles and leaves, because delivery at me while is not present.

Round me something starts to be created unimaginable. One grandma demands cheese, another sour cream, the others are indignant that cottage cheese so took a little.

- So it … Demand I study! - I try to justify.

- Next time take more, all we will take away! - advises smoljanka and starts to create to me advertising. Is an excellent cottage cheese and excellent sour cream!

- Milk in shop on the average on 18 roubles! - the Smolensk press photographer whispers to me on an ear, and I begin milk advancement:

- Take the Belarus milk from Orsha! Fresh - only has brought! Excellent quality, very tasty.

- In what price? - Flies the people.

- - the Firm pack on 20, soft on 18! - without batting an eyelid, I respond. It is normal - my gain (in comparison with the Belarus price) accordingly will be 6 and 9 Russian roubles.

- At - at - at as it is expensive! - the grandmother pulls. - in shop is cheaper.

- Well also go to shop! - another responds it. - and me, the guy, give a bag!

One grandmother has managed to get at me my unique piece of cheese. I wanted for it 70 roubles, it gave 60. It was necessary to concede, after all in cheese were interested reluctantly. Only then I have understood that have sold too cheap - have given for dollar more cheaply, than in Smolensk shop!.

struggle for sour cream Here has begun. At me was only three packages

- Here to you of 50 roubles, I have gone - the aunt has handed over me money for 2 packs of sour cream.

- Hey, it I wanted to take two! - another has cried.

the Running goods have ended. Butter did not want to take - a pier, expensively. And it besides what to sell it I wanted on 25 roubles for a pack, having welded on all on 400 Belarus roubles (4,5 Russian roubles) on everyone.

the People started to disperse, I have decided suit the action.

- Sale of butter from Belarus! - I broadcast. - a pack for 25 roubles, two packs for 45!.

Butter has left with a gain in 200 (about two Russian roubles) roubles for a piece. It is a little, but not to carry back …

For 15 minutes I has sold all package. To the people became very little, and I have gone in …

  13. 00 Smolensk shop

  In shop near the station “ Cheerful molochnik “ on counters - entirely familiar Brest products. In the neighbourhood - kefir and milk from Shklova. By the way, cheapest of all assortment. Though 16,8 Russian roubles for a package are 1430 Belarus roubles. In Belarus same there are 900 roubles …

- your butter takes reluctantly though it and costs on 5 roubles more cheaply, - It with additives! And since November, first have raised all prices for your products. Yes so that they will cost as much, how much ours, and even more expensively!. But you bring, if the wholesale party is, we will issue the reception contract directly on a place …

Coming back to station, I meet the grandmother with the cart. It appears, it from Orsha, brought to sell meat. Next 15 minutes she spends to me excellent …

  17. 05 Lessons from shuttles

  Before it I have bought in cash desk the return ticket approximately for 5 dollars.

- Really it is favourable to carry even with such prices for tickets?. - I am interested.

Having heard the sum which I have given to the Russian railways, the grandma has begun to wail:

- Well, duran! Well, duran! Attracting, you chuesh, ˙ęł duran?! 117 rouble ˘ for áłëĺň adda ˘! Nahaleru was ehats, kab ňŕęł˙ áłëĺňű kupljats!.

  And the grandmother has begun to learn me:

- You go with us, shuttles. We always in the first or second car. You approach and tehonko you ask:“ Who here collects ”. We are thrown off on 30 roubles to the conductor and beleta it is not necessary.

there is also other variant - to buy the travel card. There is it of 20 thousand Belarus (233 Russian) plus of 400 Russian roubles. In total about 55 thousand (633 Russian roubles).

Woman Tanja carries meat. Basically hoofs - Russians willingly take on a jelly. In Orsha she buys kg on 360 Belarus (4,5 Russian) roubles, in Smolensk sell on 20 Russian. A gain - almost five times! For time woman Tanja carries 20 - 30 kgs. The maximum earnings - 15 dollars. A minus three and a half dollar for tickets. It goes on the average three times a week. It turns out that monthly earnings - about 130 dollars.

We sit down in a warm Russian electric train, in Red we change in the cold Belarus. And here begins …

  19. 00 Frisk in an electric train

  Even before change bo - about - olshaja the grandmother dexterously pushes under a jacket of 5 blocks of cigarettes. Familiar militiamen Andrey and Alexander smile to me:

- Well as a trip?.

Check all bags, packages, boxes.

- Sonnies, I on the railway have fulfilled 35 years, there is no at me a vodka that you so search me! - the grandma in the neighbourhood wails.

- You to me all grapes have stifled! - the woman in a knitted cap shouts. - on, take away now this porridge!

the Militiaman does not pay attention - at it work. And from grapes really there was a pity show …

- Search for spirit, poor-quality vodka, spirtsoderzhashchy the washer … - is told to me by militiamen. - and nobody carries milk and dairy products. Neither we it, nor they to us …


  I have bought in Orsha:

3 litres of milk on 1050 roubles;

4 litres of milk on 1200 roubles;

3 packages of sour cream on 2270 roubles;

400 grammes of cheese for 4430 roubles;

2 packs of butter on 1710 roubles;

3 briquettes of cottage cheese on 900 roubles.

  Total on 25310 Belarus roubles = 292 rbl. 60 copeck


I have sold in Smolensk:

3 litres of milk on 18 roubles;

4 litres of milk on 20 roubles;

3 packages of sour cream on 25 roubles;

400 grammes of cheese for 60 roubles;

2 packs of butter for 45 roubles;

3 briquettes of cottage cheese for 40 roubles.

  Total 354 Russian roubles (30090 Belarus).

  Profit - 4780 Belarus roubles = 62 rbl.

Tickets in both parties have managed in 14785 roubles.

Result - a loss of 10 thousand roubles.

  a leah is the QUESTION

It is possible to earn on milk?

  it is very difficult. Even if I took 30 packs of sour cream, 30 packs of cottage cheese, 10 litres of milk and 5 pieces of cheese, I would earn 18765 roubles. But it is necessary to take away 4840 for one ticket and 2550 (according to the advice of woman Tani) for the second. The net profit from the cart of dairy products would leave 11375 (131,5 Russian rouble) roubles. Really for such money people are ready to carry milk?