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Deserters - murderers have caught in the Perm edge

Uljanovets too participated in runaway
Uljanovets too participated in runaway About it state of emergency in district clinical military hospital Moscow  
military district told in detail (see from 1  
November of this year and on a site). One week ago therefrom, we will remind,  
three 19 - summer patients of psychiatric branch have run away: the cadet  
Alexey Smirnov, machine gunner Yury Bulanchik and the driver - mechanic Nikolay  
Timotheuses. Escaping, deserters have strangled and have plundered 53 - the summer nurse  
Hope to Kirillov (have taken away from the woman of 500 roubles, a mobile phone).
For one of them - Alexey Smirnova - runaway has ended quickly. The guy  
took all in some hours on Kursk station, whence it  
was going to leave home (for the soldier, by the way, according to some information,  
some hours watched, hoping that it will deduce to the rests).
Now Smirnov is arrested on charge in desertion and deliberate  
the murder made by a group of persons on preliminary arrangement . On  
set to the guy is threatened with considerable term, up to lifelong  
the conclusions.
to Moscow suburbs already there came Alexey`s mum (read about it on a site  
) which asserts that the son complained native on intolerable  
a condition and excessive severity of seniors on a rank.
And here two other soldiers - Bulanchik and Timotheuses - ran longer. But  
eventually have caught also them.
- we assumed that fugitives can hide in the homeland - in Perm  
edge or the Ulyanovsk region, - have told in military district  
to Office of Public Prosecutor. - have helped us and indications of their arrested person podelnika  
Watched for fugitives at once to several addresses - near houses, where they  
lived, at stations. On November, 4th employees of department of internal affairs of a city  
Chernushki that in four hours` journey from Perm (there there lives a family  
Bulanchikov), have learnt that Yury has appeared in native land. Three  
militiamen in the civilian have detained the run away soldier directly in  
the parental house. Yury did not resist, but also to talk with  
operas did not become. Was silent in reply to all questions, did not give out the  
companion Timofeeva. However to Nikolay protection the friend not  
has helped. Detectives have found out that first in Chernushki deserters have arrived  
together, on poputkah. However were then divided - last two days  
before detention did not see and did not communicate. And on Monday  
Timofeeva (he as it is supposed, and was the instigator of runaway) have noticed  
on road service station in Perm. There him also have detained on orientation.
both deserters have already brought to Moscow suburbs. It is necessary to them interrogation in  
to military Office of Public Prosecutor of Podolsk garrison.