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Near Yaroslavl have killed the cashier of a boarding school

Impudent and especially cruel murder it has been made on Friday near Tutaev. The group of the armed people in masks (how much, the militia has not found out till now) has attacked the car the Zhiguli in which there were three persons. Employees Krasnoborsky spetsinternata for difficult teenagers - the driver, the cashier and the deputy director - carried from bank the salary of teachers more than 600 thousand roubles.

some hundreds metres the car are Literally has not reached to a boarding school. Gangsters have blocked road on the bridge through the river Dolgopolka and at once have started to shoot. The first bullet has wounded the driver. By a following shot has been killed the cashier, 52 - summer Valentina Poslavsky. The Deputy director has managed to jump out of the car in the river, that and has escaped.

- Attacking have grasped the car and have left in an unknown direction, - Marina Danilov has told the senior assistant to investigatory management across Yaroslavl region.

the Stolen car with a body of the cashier has been found next day in wood. Criminal case under article " is brought; the murder interfaced to robbery . Nobody calls into question that the crime has been planned, and the version is not excluded that it was made by teenagers of a boarding school.


Still there was a case

In April of last year 19 - the summer anywhere not working guy has attacked the cashier of a bakery 4. Extraction of the predator of a steel of 859 thousand roubles, the salaries intended for payment to worker. In three weeks of the criminal have calculated and have detained, however the stolen money is not found till now.