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Lyudmila Artemyev became the fortuneteller

Yaroslavl again became a set. This time the full length movie " here acts in film; Happy journey . The author of the project - the Moscow director Alexander Barshak has told that it will be a melodrama with comedy elements. The court hall, maternity home, but the main place of shootings becomes a line.

the Main heroine   - self-confident the priest - pevichku - plays Nazarov`s Anna ( All on - fair the Right fortunately ).   And a role of the protagonist with which it is reduced by destiny,   - Dmitry Miller (the Servant gosudarev . the March Turkish ) . Its character - the lawyer who goes to Yaroslavl on proceeding.

- Happy journey is a film about   vital values, that people, in effect, are self-centered, but life   can change them, - the director of a film Denis Haritonov has told. - Both characters - moral freaks. One - the lawyer, at it - the purposes, the main thing - career, and on all associates to it to spit. The second - pevichka, with type manners: I a star who you such all round me go .

Incidental, but a bright role Lyudmila Artemyev, remembered to us on such films, as " will play in a film; the Taxi the Cinderella 4*4 the Right fortunately . This time cheeful taksistka plays the rural fortuneteller. For protagonists its character becomes truly fatal.

In a picture before the spectator the known actor Paul Barshak (" will appear also; Soldiers Walk ), thrown out for a door the beloved in one night sabanon.

Afterwards for the girl dresses, cosmetics and other things flied underwear. Shots with exile acted in film in youth polyclinic (on a garret ladder). And morning of the same day shot a scene in apartment where the quarrelled enamoured beat mirrors and ware.

it is fast on a set leave Alexander Pashutin (lieutenant colonel Zubov a serial Soldiers ), Oleg Akulich ( Who in the house the owner ) and other stars.

Such a meteoric shower in our city will last till November, 12th. And on screens the film leaves next year.