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The vladimirskiy square will not suffer from building

on November, 4th, in a feast of the Icon of Kazan of God`s Mother, in square behind Eternal fire on the area of Victory have laid the foundation for the Kazan church. An archbishop Vladimirskiy and Suzdal Evlogy has spent a solemn prayer service. Ceremony was more than modest: on it there was a mayor, the lord, the head of firm - the contractor of building and steam of journalists.

the Place under church is fenced for a long time already, and local residents, looking at the size of the territory taken away under building, worried - say, from - for new the church should cut down all square - an ornament of street of Tchaikovsky. And after all this square - local place of interest: old lindens and oaks, and on a broader scale a place are loved by townspeople. It has appeared, the panic was premature.

- it was necessary to Cut down while two old lindens, and trees more youngly we have replaced, - the director of civil engineering firm of Alexeys ANDREYS calms. - the foundation ditch is already ready, and my words can be checked up. More trees we will not cut. And when church we will hand over, we will be engaged also in a square accomplishment.

Under the plans, new Kazan church - the reduced copy ancient, taken down in the early seventies - will be constructed in November of next year.