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Has solved a crime - has received a medal!

yesterday 37 - summer the inspector berezovskoj militias Tatyana Subbotin has been awarded by a regional medal For ministering to Kuzbas .

we Will remind, wrote that the senior lieutenant Tatyana Vasilevna has spent only two days for finding and detaining mobile the predator. Young berezovchanin has lighted a stolen tube at it on interrogation.

- Already next day after the publication the chief of ours OVD has told that me want to award, - has told Tatyana Subbotin . - And still every other day to me have called from a reception of the governor. Have asked to arrive to Kemerovo on November, 6th.

Tatyana works in militia only 4 years. But also for this short time she has managed to prove as the superprofessional on disclosing of difficult criminal cases in sphere of economy and against the property.

So, without leaving at all an office, without carrying out of difficult operative actions, pursuits and ambushes Tatyana managed to open the confused crime.

- the Regional medal For ministering to Kuzbas and the monetary award to it was handed over by Aman Tuleyev, - Tatyana admitted. - still he has presented to me a smart bouquet. All was so beautifully and festively. Has now returned for work and has taken up daily watch. I am very happy, and that else is necessary for successful service!?