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Since new year inhabitants of the ground floor should pay for using the lift?

deputies of the City Council intend to accept such decision. We will remind that now inhabitants of the ground floors do not pay this service.

- Lifts enter into the general property of the house, also as well as the cellar and a roof - has explained the developer of the project the chairman of committee concerning housing and communal services, transport and building Alexander TARASOV . - Therefore all tenants should pay for the lift. It is not pleasant - move in other house and reach apartment on foot.

But some deputies, for example Victor SIVOV have opposed the similar decision. Time the inhabitant of the ground floor does not use the lift, and to pay for nonexistent service he should not.

It was minded by the director of department of the finance of Omsk Bogdan Masan :

- Let then and only inhabitants of the top floors pay for roof repair. And if the roof leaks, it turns out that it only their problem.

- Even owners of the shops located in apartment houses should pay for these services as it absurdly sounds - deputy Yury FEDOTOV has declared. - Under the housing code the general property of the house concerns all proprietors of premises without an exception.
thus committee-men suggest to give privileges to socially not protected layers of the citizens living on the ground floors.

On a note

to Whom are going to give lgoty:

- needy;
- to participants of the Second World War, the former prisoners of concentration camps and a ghetto, and also vetaranam operations;
- to the lonely parents, nurtured minor children
- to the parents having many children nurturing of three and more minor children;
- to invalids;
- to the pensioners who are receiving social pension and not having able-bodied members of a family;
- to invalid members of a family of the lost (died) invalid of the Second World War, the participant of the Second World War, the veteran of operations;
- to veterans of work;
- to the rehabilitated persons and persons, recognised suffered from political repressions.

the Listed people to pay for the given service will not be.

Now given project is directed on consideration of the mayor of Omsk. Then it again will consider at session of committee concerning housing and communal services, transport and building. On it it will be solved, a leah to represent it to definitive acceptance by the City Council.

If the project will be accepted in its present kind since January, 1st, 2008 all inhabitants of the ground floors will pay for the lift, except for exempts.