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Fitness - tours: To Tunis - on dances, to Goa - on yoga

the Majority having a rest bring from holiday pair - a three of superfluous kgs. It and is clear: in holiday we dare to relax, we prefer to green tea zabojnyj a cocktail, and modest salatiku - an abundant supper with desserts. Besides on many beach resorts hotels work on system all - inclusive. In other words, eat and drink how much a shower will wish. How not to recover for vacation, and, to the contrary, to become more harmonous and younger? One of variants - to go to fitness - tour.

As pass trainings

- the Program per day, - the manager of the company " tells; Fitness - the express train Margarita ELKINA, - depends on you have registered in what direction. For those who has chosen dances or aerobics, directly since morning small warm-up - stretching (extension), jog on a beach and gymnastics is spent. During the lunchtime admirers of fitness are engaged akvaaerobikoj in pool or in the sea. In a heat it just that is necessary! And go on a lesson of belly dance, a Latina or aerobics in the evening.

At admirers of yoga - other program. Time before a breakfast and a supper is devoted execution asan, and the middle of day - to employment in the water, not allowing a body to overheat.

Both morning, and evening lessons are spent usually by the same instructor (one person is fixed to group to 15 persons, from 15 to 30 - two persons). And trainings in water - the separate trainer on akvafitnesu.

Who goes

- On one of last tours, - Margarita Elkina remembers, - fans of fitness at the age from 18 till 65 years have registered. And among them were not only women - traditional fighters for beauty and symmetry, - but also men who wanted to correct health and to have a rest with advantage. Go in fitness - tours and visitors of sport clubs with the long-term experience, and beginners. The problem of the instructor - individually to pick up loading, to advise, in what rate to be engaged not to do much harm to health and it is good to feel.

For fitness - groups usually reserve hotels where buffets, and standard three meals a day are organised not. It helps to behave with hands and not to overeat.

Most effectively to go for 2 weeks - the organism will have time to get used to a new climate, a body - to daily physical activities.

Svetlana DANILOV



Lifting in 6 mornings is the best rest!

Never would think that in holiday I will rise in 6 mornings. Moreover and to receive from it pleasure! The trip on a seminar on yoga in Goa was, perhaps, the most unusual holiday in my life. Instead of hotel - a personal bamboo cottage (with all conveniences to complain there is nothing). Not simply with a kind on ocean! Through thin walls surf pulse it is audible all day and night. And it was separate psychotherapy - even start to breathe in a step with the sea. You wake up, when the sun not seemed from yet - for horizon, in twilight go on sand through palm wood to yoga - to the centre - metres two hundred. Two hours of yoga - and only then a breakfast, a beach, slow walk on coast to the nearest small town with tsvetastymi the Indian shops. Or in jungle where on banjanovym to trees scurry about obezjanki. In the evening - one more two-hour training. Owners yoga - the centre fed us with correct vegetarian meal. Clear business, our organism to such diet has not got used. A week later all were amicably pulled in neighbouring small restaurants: men - behind meat, and
one girl has eaten three pieces of a chocolate pie. That is surprising - after one a separation jogicheskaja the diet any more did not call problems.



the TOP - 3

the Most popular programs


To be engaged in ancient gymnastics under surf noise - and it is pleasant, and it is useful. After all the yoga not only harmoniously influences all body, strengthens muscles, relieves of back pains, but also learns to correct breath. And where still how not on sea coast, lungs will so be filled with oxygen, and a skin - to breathe?! The yoga native land - India. And one of the most popular in admirers of this direction a resort - Goa.

(Belly Dance)

East dances master Belly dance in hotels popular in the Russian tourists of Turkey, Egypt and Tunis more often. Local exotic does the part, and, having apparelled in an elegant bodice and a skirt decorated with beads, girls feel the present east beauties. These resorts are famous for discos and night life. So to grind movement - it is enough possibilities.


In fitness - tours over aerobics (classical, dancing, power) go to Egypt, Thailand, Turkey, Tunis more often. In - the first, it is resorts with sound service, good hotels and not the highest prices. In - the second, there the excellent climate and almost all year long shines the sun. Employment in the open air in a combination to water procedures in the sea contribute in occurrence of a healthy flush and beautiful, uniform sunburn.


Will return from holiday by the new person - postrojnevshim, tightened.

Effect from trainings in the open air (in open pool, the sea,) it is ready for coast above, than from employment in a stuffy hall.

Such variant approaches for those who did not manage to find the company for a trip to the sea.

Daily employment in group urge on. Will think up the justifying of the laziness not so - that simply.

 ... And MINUSES

Stand they on 250 - 300 dollars more than traditional rest.

- club it is possible to go To fitness and at home. And on resorts there are more interesting sports entertainments: diving, surfing, kajting, vejk - bording and etc. By the way, they as are effective for growing thin, as well as aerobics or dances.

Now almost in all hotels there are gyms, lessons akvaaerobiki, water polo are conducted. So to be engaged, if will power suffices, it is possible and is independent.

Skeleton of group is made usually by women. Not all like to spend time in female collective!