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The Moscow writers will gather in Bottom

During festival the largest literary editions will be presented: magazines and newspapers the Banner October Arion Modern poetry Children of Ra Futurum art Zinziver Magazine of POETS January Ex-libris NG . And as cultural projects Bulgakov`s House Litafisha DOOS PAN - club and others.

known poets and writers of Russia (Bahyt Kenzheyev, Dmitry Bykov, Konstantin Kedrov and many other things) become visitors of festival. The festival will pass within two days in the best art and litkafe N.Novgoroda: Bezuhov Library Buffet .

the Main idea of the project -   Exchange of creative and literary experience between Moscow and Nizhni Novgorod, attraction to participation in literary life of a province of known authors and literary figures of Moscow.

Cultural mission of the project is directed, first of all, on   depressurization of literary spaces and enrichment of experience of the developed cultural spheres. On the one hand, an exit in a province of the closed and egocentric capital literary world. On the other hand, the project will help a province with search of reference points and acquaintance to principles of existence of the capital (all-Russian) literature.
the festival becomes one of the brightest and significant events of literary character in N.Novgorode during the last years.

On the ideology and an orientation the festival does not belong and is not supported by any poetic group or literary association. Organizers position the project as the author`s Nizhniy Novgorod initiative on literature popularisation, and as on   to attraction to the Nizhniy Novgorod literary process of capital authors and literaturtregerov. The project is spent by group literaturtregerov Nizhni Novgorod.