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The unknown person murmanchanin has pulled out the child from an ice-hole

the First victim of thin autumn ice nearly did not become 11 - the summer boy. It with a head has failed in ice cold water of Semenovsky lake.

- I walked a dog in wood nearby to Sunflower seeds and consequently one of the first has heard shout of the boy about the help. He floundered in water and could not get out, - reader Olga has called us in edition. - itself I am not able to float at all, and to enter on thin ice to me, to tell the truth, it was terrible! I have run behind help. Has seen the company of children, but those in reply to the request for the help only muffled have murmured something. Has rushed a bullet to the man at a stop. It did not begin to set superfluous questions and at once has run with me. Risking to plunge into an ice font, he has managed to pull out the child! And when I have called Fast the man has left, even the surname did not name, only a name - Alexander. Has told that the child is rescued - and it for it the most important thing. And the gratitude is not necessary to it.

Murmanchanin has arrived almost as the guy from Marshak`s poem the Story about the unknown hero . Remember: firemen search, the militia " searches;

By the way, in a misfortune the fellow has appeared from - for another`s pranks. According to doctors First aid on fragile ice of the boy the friend has pushed. Now rescued lies on inspection in children`s city hospital. By the way, it even has not picked up cold.