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The soloist Cities 312 has not sustained the Kemerovo colds

At Ai Lesnikovoj the bronchitis has become aggravated.

last week in Lapland the group " acted; the City 312 . As a concert platform the skating rink, which for this purpose slightly pereobustroili has served. However, the concert beginning was tightened minutes on thirty. The hall began to be stirred.

It has appeared, directly before performance at the soloist of group Ai (the Real name of the singer Svetlana Lesnikova. - Red. ) the temperature has sharply jumped up. Heat, a headache and cough have forced organizers to clutch at the head and call Fast .

- the Call to us has arrived the half-seventh evening, doctors were on a place in ten minutes, - have explained in Kemerovo Fast . - At Svetlana the bronchitis has sharply become aggravated. High temperature, cough, a headache - all symptoms is available.

Meanwhile to cancel a concert a star has refused. Doctors Fast brought the soloist round minutes twenty: put febrifugal pricks (analginum and a Dimedrol), made recommendations, otpaivali hot tea.

- Most likely, the aggravation has begun from - for windy dank weathers, - doctors " have assumed; Fast . - Unbounded flights, change of a climate and the dense tour schedule have knocked down health of the actress.

When Aja has appeared before public at once has apologised for   delay, has greeted with   spectators and   has begun a concert of odes Out of an access zone .

- Children behaved on   the scene raskovanno, - was explained by Sergey, one of admirers of group. - almost after each song the soloist tried to stir spectators jokes and   appeals to dance. The illness aggravation has not affected a voice, and the concert has passed on hurrah.

After one and a half hour performance, having thanked everything, the City 312 has fast disappeared, having left someone one to distribute autographs. Lesnikova has returned to the hotel room and under the recommendation of doctors has decided to have a rest before a following concert.