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Between Israel and Lebanon becomes ripe new territorial dispute

On   this time   Tel - Abib and   Beirut cannot   to divide …   Mediterranean   the sea. Two   neighbouring countries have intoned   new   sea   borders, which   are imposed   against each other

Israel and   Lebanon, to these   a time   formally   being   in   a status   wars, have asked   about   intervention   the United Nations. The reason to   to strain of relations   between   neighbours became   a recent find   in   Mediterranean   the sea the Israeli geologists   two large   deposits   gas.

Tamara`s Deposit   is   in 90 kilometres from northern   coasts   Israel   and   it is considered   The largest find of gas in   the world in 2009. Gas production on it   will begin presumably in 2014.

In the past   to year geologists   have found   a deposit   the Leviathan, which   is   in 45 kilometres from coast. It   the largest gas   a deposit found   in   the past   decade. Now on it   pass probation   chisel   works.

Israel now completely   depends   from deliveries of energy carriers   from - for a boundary. The problem has become aggravated   after   recent diversions on a gas pipeline, on which in   Israel   there is an Egyptian gas.

Meanwhile, finds   gas   deposits   can   to transform their owner   from the importer   energy carriers   in   the exporter. Israel   already   plans   gas deliveries in   Europe through   Greece. However at first   it is necessary to agree about   sea   borders with   neighbours: Lebanon   and   Cyprus. Between   Lebanon   and   Israel, by the way, to these   a time   is not present   even overland border. It now is spent   at   the help of the United Nations   after   a conclusion in 2000 Israeli   armies   with   the south   Lebanon so   named Blue   a line.

the Prime minister - the minister   Israel   Benjamin Netanjahu has informed journalists that on Sunday the office has confirmed offers on an establishment of a sea line of demarcation with Lebanon. This week offers of Tel - Abib will be sent in a staff - United Nations apartment in New York.

However   Israeli   Map   does not coincide   with   Lebanese, sent in   the United Nations   in   the beginning of it   year. The Minister of Energy of Lebanon Gebran Bassil asserts that Beirut at its drawing up firmly adhered to the international laws and contracts. The Lebanese minister also has warned that Beirut will not suffer infringement of the sea rights and larceny of the power resources.