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In South Korea football players will check on the lie detector

With contractual   matches   Federation   football   Southern   Korea   has decided to struggle at   the help of polygraphs. An occasion   to   to acceptance so   radical   measures   became recent loud   corruption   scandal, in   which   have appeared players of the higher league (To - leagues) are got mixed up. Under a consequence football players from 6 commands have got.

the Office of Public Prosecutor asserts that   sportsmen took   money in   an exchange   on fulfilment of gross errors as   a minimum   in 15 games   last year`s   the championship. At present charges   in   corruption   and   contractual matches are shown 46 players   and to 11 organizers   football   a tote. 10 football players   already   Have received lifelong   disqualification.

Football   the authorities Southern   Korea   have decided to struggle with scandal   checked up   a method   a whip   and   spice-cake. Except   rigid   measures, to football players   To - leagues have solved twice   to raise minimum   the salary. Now minimum   the salary in   South Korean   football   about 11 thousand   dollars in   year   and   does not hold out even to half of average income on the country.

to Check on the detector   lie   will be, naturally, not all football players   it is universal, and   only suspected   in   contractual matches. A management   Federations   intend also   to spend a series   anticorruption seminars presence on which is obligatory. Shirkers are waited by disqualification.