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Peter Falka`s cause of death

Through two   became known; weeks after   demises   Peter Falka who has become famous   a role   the lieutenant of Colombo, became   the reason   is known; his death. In the statement of Department of public health services of Los - Andzhelesa is said that the death of the legendary actor on 83 year of life has come out heart attack.

Except sick heart, Peter   Falk   suffered affliction   from a pneumonia   and   illnesses   Altsgejmera. He has died on June, 23rd in the house in Beverli Hills in the presence of the wife and two daughters.

In June, 2009 it was informed that   at   Peter Falka has begun dementsija. It   treating   the doctor considered that   it   could   to become   a consequence of the anaesthesia received in   a course of several stomatologic   procedures or the previous operations. The status of the known actor last years has so worsened that he could not remember, who such lieutenant of Colombo, its protagonist.

« Peter was the great actor, - director Stephen Spielberg has declared Falke. - at the initial stage of my career I have learnt from it about actor`s game more than from somebody ».