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Why at the height of summer in Moscow vegetables

the Middle of summer - peak fruktovo - a vegetable season rise in price. Importers and farmers fill up Moscow with vegetables and fruit literally. Usually the prices on vitamins fall. But this summer does not please - the prices in the fruit-and-vegetable markets grow. Only the cabbage for last three months has risen in price in one and a half time!
Officials have destroyed monopoly of secondhand dealers
the Velozavodsky market of Moscow. Saturday, o`clock in the afternoon - the heat of trading week. Along a counter there is a veteran uncle Misha.
- Vegetables, truth, rise in price, - the grandfather vigorously nods. - one rescues: cabbage, carrots and a potato I buy in the autumn, when they cheap.
- At me even for a year of the quotation have not changed almost and what to speak about last months, - the dealer vegetables farmer Igor does not justify almost.
But when speech comes about cabbage, there and then remembers:
- At first carried cabbage from Krasnodar territory. Now a season on it deliveries of the Volgograd cabbage have almost ended and begin. And the first product is always more expensive than the mass. This jump - time business: there will pass couple of weeks, mass deliveries will begin, and the prices will go downwards.
But a problem that almost all vegetables have risen in price. So, the prices for cabbage, according to Mosgorstata, from the beginning of year have grown on 50 %, and on a potato - on 38,5 %.
However last year the picture was almost same. The statistics shouted about a rise in prices: For a year (by June 2006 - go) apples have risen in price for 52,5 %, carrots - on 31 %, an onion - almost on 20 %. Though wholesale quotations have risen all for some percent, and on many vegetables and have at all decreased. Investigation has revealed that in a rise in prices secondhand dealers are guilty. In the markets ethnic diasporas which lifted up the prices managed and did not start up for counters of manufacturers with cheap products.
Soon dealers have paid for the greed. The government has accepted the decision, resolving to stand up for counters only to Russians. And the mayor of Moscow Yury Luzhkov has disposed to reserve to a quarter of places in the markets for farmers.
Not cheap, but qualitative
it would Seem, officials have made everything to provide us with vegetables and fruit at the low prices. But cost of products continues to grow.
Why? We have tried to find out it on fruit-and-vegetable base October . But it has appeared that this base does not exist any more. Owners have decided that there are more profitable spheres of business, and now hand over premises to the firms trading neprodovolstvennymi.
And in the markets say that the prices were urged on by a drought. Absence of rains in the south of Russia has ruined the most part of a crop of vegetables, including early cabbage. And after all the basic deliveries go to Moscow and Moscow suburbs from Stavropol, Rostov and Krasnodar.
But, except a drought, one reason has affected the prices and more.
- the Interdiction for deliveries of vegetables from Moldova has forced importers to be reoriented on Central Asia, - the leading expert of the Center of the macroeconomic analysis and short-term forecasting Dmitry BELOUSOV tells. - The Kazakhstan market in itself road, and the Uzbek products to carry far - an overhead charge forces up the prices. Even more often it is necessary to deliver vegetables and fruit from the far abroad. As a result vegetables get to the country at higher price, than earlier.

the Government is ready to lower duties?
Jump of the prices for vegetables for the government that a knife under the budget: officials counted that there will be a negative inflation - first of all at the expense of depreciation of vegetables in the summer. In the government now bear various plans on stabilisation of a situation with the prices. Head of Expert management of the president Arcady DVORKOVICH, for example, assumes that the government will lower duties for import of vegetables and fruit.
- a leah the decision on it Will be accepted, I do not know. It is a question to the government, - he speaks.
In the government on the statement of Dvorkovicha do not make comments. But it does not mean that this year we will not see cheap vegetables and fruit.
- In August and September of delivery of importers will increase. Farmers will bring a new crop on the markets. And the prices for certain will go on recession, - Dmitry Belousov is convinced.
At research Institute tovarodvizhenija and conjuncture of the wholesale market assume that the cabbage, carrots, a potato and other vegetables will fall in price a minimum on 20 %. But the prices anyway will be percent on 20 above, than last year.
Why we so think? In the largest agroenterprise of Moscow suburbs State farm of a name of Lenin tell that from - for additional expenses for watering the cost price of vegetables will grow on 20 %. Wholesale cost of cabbage can reach 18 roubles for a kilogramme. And how much it will offer in the capital markets, anybody does not know.
Denis GORINOV, the leading adviser for company marketing Financial examination Consulting
we Reap the fruits of reforms in the markets
- the Decision to force out from the markets of dealers - foreigners was political step, thus economic consequences, possibly, were not so are important. Actually dealers from the near abroad both worked, and work in the markets. Simply for work behind a counter they are urged to employ now citizens of Russia. Quite often reaches the ridiculous: the buyer pays off with the Russian seller, the seller transfers money to the owner - to the foreigner who costs nearby, that gives to the seller delivery, the seller passes delivery to the buyer. Naturally, the salary of the Russian seller lays down on production cost price, the price accordingly increases, and its buyer pays.
That the situation with the prices was stabler, it is necessary not to be engaged in protectionism of this or that category of the population, and to provide operating conditions of the competitive market. It is necessary, that both at farmers, and foreigners - dealers had equal starting possibilities. Otherwise instead of monopoly of Caucasians we will receive monopoly of the Russian farmers which will dictate also the prices.
Other factor of a summer rise in prices - the high customs duties on fruit-and-vegetable production. In the nearest couple of years the rate will be hardly lowered - only in case of joining of Russia to the WTO, - but I do not think that decrease will be considerable. The authorities are aimed at the protectionist policy concerning agriculture. Anyway custom duties influence a competitive situation only in the wholesale market. And the monopoly of dealers - foreigners in retail trade does not depend on custom duties.