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In Orenburg there has passed an exhibition of espionage technics

video observation Systems, security alarm systems, systems of satellite monitoring of vehicles and other novelties (for example, firm the Connection represented radio communication means) have been presented at an exhibition which was passing one of these days in our city. What the technics has reached: by means of microscopic devices today it is possible to track down the thief, to learn, than your employees are engaged, native or it is reliable to secure itself fire-prevention and security systems.

Having paid for usual, apparently, a ball pen   30 thousand roubles, it is possible to be well informed always, than your spouse is occupied. The chamber is established so that outside is not appreciable for a usual eye. However this small device is capable to fix a sound even through walls on distance of 50 metres from object of your supervision! It is possible to leave such handle on a table in a room of the spouse, and the gauge through which video observation signals are transmitted, to connect to the computer and to observe of events in real time. And if on the computer the video capture payment it is possible to make record is established. The special permission is not necessary for using the small device.

Where and as the driver goes, too it is possible to track. The device in size with two match box can be established under a glove compartment in the car interesting you. The autograph so it is called a small box, will tell, where there went the driver where stopped and how much gasoline litres have spent for road. You even can learn the facts of excess of speed and the general time of movement. The information is passed to the computer by means of electronic signals. And the map is reflected in the monitor with the scheme of movement of the car, and the received information is stored in computer archive.