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Than to us July - 2007

will be remembered on July, 19th: At an exhibition - fair the City of masters in Saransk. President Vladimir Putin after dance - the Hungarian has fastened friendship of the people to the smiling blonde a kiss of her hands.
Anatoly`s photo of Zhdanov.

on July, 21st: the First vitse - prime ministers together flied to To ours to Seliger. Most of all Ivanov with Medvedev (extreme on the right) was admired with the active worker Ours Natasha taking a hot bath directly in the street, near to tents.
Alexander`s GAMOVA photo.

on July, 11th: Detention and forwarding in a pre-trial detention centre of the mayor of Arkhangelsk Alexander Donsky.
Nikolay`s GERNETA photo (RIA News ) .

on July, 5th: Russia has won the right to hold the winter Olympic Games of 2014 in Sochi.
for figure skater Evgenie Pljushchenko the success of Sochi became one more personal victory.
Anatoly`s photo of Zhdanov.

Koreans the second time have missed possibility to spend at themselves White games of 2014.

on July, 2nd: the Informal meeting in the USA presidents Vladimir Putin and George Bush. Lora Bush in time has noticed an unbuttoned button on a husband`s shirt.
Anatoly`s photo of Zhdanov.

on July, 16th: the national actor of Russia Michael Kononov Has died. Last years the actor all have forgotten, and he searched for heat at the pupils.
Victor`s GORJACHEVA photo.

on July, 12th: Wedding of the tall person in the world, 54 - the summer shepherd from China Bao Ksishuna (2,36, and its beloved, 29 - summer saleswoman Ksia Shujan.

on July, 7th: St.-Petersburg. Ballerina Anastasia Volochkova has arrived on the wedding by a balloon.
Timur`s HANOVA photo.

21 - on July, 22nd: In capital Tushine the fate - festival " has thundered; Wings .
Andrey`s Photo the PENALTY.

on July, 24th: The thickest person in the world, 42 - summer Manuel Uribe, has grown thin for 200 kilogrammes. And now weighs only 360...
the Photo from a blog of Manuelja (www. manueluribe. com/ manuel/ imagenes. html).