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distributes gifts to the best kioskeram Rostov!


Already became kind tradition of a meeting of employees of edition with kioskerami Joint-Stock Company Rosdonpechat . And how without it? After all kioskery communicate with our readers more often, accept wishes, listen to criticism or praises. That these meetings were regular, last year the newspaper declared competition among realizatorov printed matter. Best of the best, that is that who will sell most of all newspapers, have promised to hand over gifts. No sooner said than done.

Monthly in a press - the edition centre - Rostov the sweet table behind which are summed up competition is covered. One of these days we have invited winners of September.

- Even there is no saying that does not suffice. In the newspaper the parity of materials about the politician, economy, social support is well balanced, and here a crime it is necessary less, - Tatyana Vysotsky speaks. - The heading " has the big success; Wait for me which really helps people. Let simply remains itself as it has made in days of reorganisation, without having changed the name.

in general, have sat, have talked about the newspaper and have dispersed. But for a short while. In three weeks we will sum up for October: competition among Rostov kioskerov proceeds. Winners are waited by our firm prizes. Watch the newspaper!

it is concrete

Winners of competition following the results of September

Tatyana Vysotsky

Tatyana Volkova

Lyudmila ShCherbakova

Svetlana Arestova

Nina Stolpovsky

Sanija Nasirova

Elena Poverennaja

Elena Okorochkova

Tatyana Polozova

Lyudmila Dulepova

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