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Dima Bilan tried to earn on singer Maksim

Already for an hour and a half to a concert to nagornomu to sports Palace people have started to be flown down: fragile girls with plush begemotikami in hands, the senior schoolgirls with bouquets of claret roses. Despite a frost, fans self-denyingly waited for the substitute - Dimu Bilan.

the concert has passed in frameworks of delivery of the first regional award for the contribution to culture development. Six nominations, 27 nominees: nizhegorodtsy have chosen the best theatrical performances, musical collectives, cultural events and night clubs for the last year.

performance of two popular Moscow executors - Maksim and Dimy Bilan became the highlight of the program.

the fragile red girl has jumped out on a scene of the first.
- as I to see glad all of you, let`s dance together with me! -   the singer has cried out.
the spectators deprived of a dancing and any possibility to move from the places have become gloomy...

- Aha, now here on a scene all stadium we will get out and we will start to dance, - tribunes were indignant.

but discontent have settled quickly as soon as Maksim has begun performance... And here easy to finish to it it have not given.

- fasten, it is time to let out Bilan, - the assistant to the sound producer who has run out on a scene has whispered to musicians.

and Bilan have let out...

schoolgirls whom, it is necessary to notice, half of stadium was typed, have risen from the places what is better to make out the favourite person. Bilan has appeared on a scene as usual: in the lowered jeans, a white shirt and with the company of young men on podtantsovke.

Girls have met a substitute tears in the face of, squeal, an applause and from the first composition began to echo more loudly Dimy. It was by the way, after several songs   Bilan so natantsevalsja that could not recover the breath and even spoke with great difficulty. As a result, he has simply taken seat on a scene, has asked of the permission from fans for one evening to become the invalid also continued a concert in almost   horizontal position.

Having come nearer to the earth Dima became better to see that rolls at it underfoot and at once has found under columns a paper piece - a track - sheet of singer Maksim. And at once has decided to earn additionally:

- I Suggest to arrange auction! - the musician has declared, - who is ready to pay for this piece of paper?
from a hall the sums at once were heard...

- well is not present, - Bilan was greedy at the last minute, - to itself I will leave, it is pleasant to me.

  but greediness of a substitute fanatok has not discouraged.
- Dimochka who it good, - was decided by juvenile fans.
- listen, and he after all under plywood sings, - one of girls has voiced doubt.
- yes you that, cannot be! - zashikali on it of the girlfriend.

It, probably, it not seemed strange that the person hardly breathing in breaks between fines so sonorously and correctly deduces notes...

are dissatisfied there were only three men for 50, they a concert, probably, have mixed with a match of a favourite Torpedo which periodically pass in sports Palace. And hockey players this day on ice did not leave...