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What will be if not to pay to the GAI officer?

Evgenie Shelmin, the leader of movement responds to questions of motorists the Public Active of Rostov the author of a pocket directory the Personal lawyer of the driver .
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That will be if not to pay the penalty?

- I have not paid penalty. What to do, if will stop on fast of traffic police and the court enforcement officer will demand to extinguish debts?
Maxim Kostin.

- Specify, what is this penalties and when their payment has been assigned to you. According to item 31. 9. KoAP the Russian Federation Prescription of execution of the decision about purpose of administrative punishment the decision about purpose of administrative punishment is not subject to execution in case this decision has not been carried out within a year from the date of its introduction into validity. Thus, if the decision about penalty payment has been taken out more than a year ago, you can continue a way.

If the decision is taken out within a year and on the given fact the complaint, and to it has been submitted the answer has not been received or you have been recognised by guilt-free (frequently the traffic police forgets to make changes to business), you also can follow further.
If you really have not paid the penalty, it is necessary to choose: to pay to the police officer (do not forget that police officers receive 7 % - j gathering from the penalty sum), through savings bank or to leave any thing belonging to you.
write in the report: traffic regulations did not break

- How to operate if employees of GAI accuse of excess of speed, referring to a radar?
Dmitry Ivanenko.

- to make answerable for excess of speed it is possible only in the presence of the documentary certificate. As the radar does not give out documentary acknowledgement that your speed and during attributed time has been measured, remind employees of traffic police that in case of a legal investigation in court the duty is assigned to them to prove the infringement fact. Even if there are witnesses, it is impossible to prove that the radar has been directed on your car. Therefore, if you accuse of excess of speed, and you with it do not agree, in the report write nothing in the column Explanations of the infringer - you not the infringer and your fault is not proved - or cross out a word the infringer also enter the driver . Write in any other place: traffic regulations did not break . The decision will be automatically considered cancelled, and the report can be challenged.