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The Tver hockey players have crushed young konarmiju

the Tver hockey club has led on the ice matches with the main competitor in struggle for leadership in a battalion the West the first league - capital CSKA - 2. The intrigue was that in case of two victories during the basic time THK became the individual leader in a battalion the West the first league. To support the Tver hockey players in the major meetings of the first circle the number of fans has gathered record for this season. As at the time of the best matches THK, fans have taken place even in passes between spectator numbers. And owners of ice have made everything to thank admirers of hockey for so strong support.
in the first meeting THK took straight away. And actually already in the first period has turned match exod to own advantage, having thrown three meek washers. At the bill 3:0 the arbitrator was traumatised, and so serious that could not continue game at once. The first period has been interrupted. And after game renewal tverichane have even more increased the advantage. As a result on the second break of the command have left at the bill 6:2. Final output - 8:3! The leader (and some hockey players known on games for an army basis, in particular, Kulemin) acted for CSKA - 2 it is not simply beaten, and as fans speak, it is broken off ! Nikolay Furashov has issued a double, other washers in gate of soldiers were sent by Denis Efremov, Denis Ivans, Michael Potjakin, Alexey Kotov, Alexander Lisin and the Novel Sukhorukov.
predictably, in a repeated match young konarmija that is called, has rested. Visitors conducted in the bill twice, and owners compared (at THK have caused a stir Yaroslav Egors and Nikolay Furashov). By the third period unsteady balance - 2:2 was saved. In a final third Sergey Ivans hardly has inclined a bowl of scales in favour of THK - 3:2. Under genre laws, CSKA - 2 has replaced the goalkeeper the sixth field player and has received under an exulting roar Anniversary the fourth goal in the gate. The definitive bill - 4:2 - 10 seconds prior to a siren was established by Denis Efremov.
having beaten an alternating cast of legendary capital club Twice, THK has overtaken soldiers in the table. And Vladimir Koltsov and Victor Zhukov`s wards are leaders on all basic tournament indicators. It is most than victories and the thrown washers, it is most less passed. Last circumstance pleasantly surprises: after all trainers THK considered defence as the most vulnerable line. A superseries tverichan in native walls impresses also: 12 victories in 12 matches, and only one of them is gained in an overtime (over HK Peter - 2:1). We will not forget that in the second circle reguljarki THK it is necessary to play the core on another`s ice. And the Tver command will spend last matches of the first circle in Anniversary on November, 17th and 18 against Yaroslavl the Locomotive - 2 .