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Have lost the way? Pay the penalty!

business was in Soviet period. We have gathered as - that with the wife on a visit to extended families. They lived then in Peschanokopsky area. As we never were at them in settlement, have decided to go not by bus, and by the car. Have bought a map and have gone since the morning before to road.

But it has appeared to be guided by districts difficult enough as the driver I then was young. And places unfamiliar - in general, we have lost the way. Long strayed on country roads, yet have not seen the GAI officer who has settled down on a roadside. Were delighted, have approached on it and began to ask road.

he Has responded us affably enough, has told how to drive to settlement, and has suddenly translated a sight at our numbers the Muscovite . The matter is that weather stood rainy and while we searched for road to the relatives, all car has become covered by a thick layer of a dirt.
- So - so, and what it at us numbers dirty also are not read? - The GAI officer has become interested. And, despite all explanations, has fined.

Then it was insulting, and now I remember this case with a smile. Now to anybody and in a head will not come to fine for the such: the Rostov drivers so it is malicious break rules that GAI officers forgive for a long time already trifles in the form of dirty numbers...

Igor Nikolaevich, Rostov-on-Don.



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