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The city has got stuck in the big stopper

... Municipal and Dimitrovsky bridges, the Kamensk highway, Bolshevist...
the chain of cars was stretched on hundreds metres.

- In vain you by the car have gone today, I here on a broader scale in garage have left the, - the girl hurrying on affairs has smiled to me.

And at all in vain, in the street it is cold, snow, and me here, in the car, it is warm, good - I have mentally responded. However in 20 minutes I have understood that was not right. The stopper on K.Marx`s prospectus lasted inexcusably long, and the bulb notifying on low level of gasoline, has foully lighted up. Having seen ahead blinking emergency signals Toyota I conclude: similar, not at me one gasoline remains about a handful...

Such emergency signals only on the bridge has counted three - probably, gasoline in such dimensionless stoppers so quickly comes to an end that owners of a car have not time to reach before refuellings. Other misfortune of our city - grinding trucks which do not have not enough draught to rise along the street with a bias. And more one - the snow-ploughs which have solved with labour eagerness to clear highways when townspeople hurry for work.

such minutes even the most inveterate motorists are ready to throw got stuck in a stopper krovinushku and to go to a way by the underground, and even on foot.

- I two and a half an hour reached from Kalinin K.Marx`s area, - the constant reader " complains; Tatyana BEKASOVA, - though usually for such trip I spend no more than 40 minutes.

... And what you will undertake against elements? However the authorities calmed all last day townspeople. Said that will try to reduce to a minimum the inconveniences connected with suddenly come winter. As if not in Siberia we live also snowfalls for us in wonder! Again - taki not clearly another: for winter we prepare all the summer long and when it comes... There is a big stopper...

On Novosibirsk road service station have cancelled 20 flights

From - for a snowfall and stoppers hardly it was necessary to brigades Novosibirsk Fast .

- In different areas sometimes it was necessary to stand in a stopper on half an hour, - Svetlana KOLOBOVA,   has told; the senior doctor of Novosibirsk station of first aid. - thank God, to all patients we were in time in time though calls it has appeared much.

By a dinner quantity of calls in Fast has passed already for 500... Basically - hypertensive persons.

Besides, from - for a snowfall have cancelled 20   flights to Novosibirsk road service station: it has been most of all cancelled flights in a direction of Ordynsky area. In Hummocks flights have cancelled since the morning, and by a dinner when have cleared a line, movement of trip buses have renewed. From the Barnaul road service station buses to Novosibirsk all - taki started up - fortunately, has done without state of emergency.

- I to native have gone to Ordynsky area - so near Logovogo such drifts were what to drive was unreal, - driver Alexander IVANS complains. - It was necessary to do a hook to go round these drifts.

Forecasts of weather forecasters too do not please: though the snowfall already today by the evening will end, the thermometer column will fall to - 16, and on roads there will be a terrible ice. Be more attentive on roads to forthcoming days off.

Andrey`s KOPALOVA Photo.

Already by a dinner the city rolled in snowdrifts.

In such weather clothes with an almuce very opportunely.

Descent on a ladder turns to struggle against slippery steps.

Before to sit down for a wheel, it is necessary to clear the car of a snow cap.

- After what of a glove?

For children the winter is a feast.

And to ladies one crucifyings. That also look, ink will begin to flow...