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Zenith ohmuril Larissa

there was successfully for the Russian clubs a next tour of a group round of an UEFA Cup. Struggling for a champion`s title Zenith and Spartak as well as it is necessary to the country strongest teams, the matches have won, and dangling in the middle of standings the Locomotive has drawn.
After nobody`s in the first tour on the home field with Dutch AZ Alkmaarom any other result, except victory, Zenith in a match with Greek Larissa did not arrange. However, despite obvious advantage in a class, three points pitertsy have extracted only with very big work. pogrebnjak has opened the bill in the first time, but in the beginning of the second stay have passed two attacks of the Greek forwards, and the bill became 2:1 already in advantage Larissa . And only thanks to Zyryanov`s exact blow and artful srezke Tekke Zenith in the end of a meeting has pulled out victory - 3:2.
Now with four points wards of Dika of the Lawyer take the second place in group, conceding only typed six points to an Everton . The following match in an UEFA Cup Zenith will play on November, 29th at home with Nuremberg .
Moscow Spartak in Luzniki met the main competitor for the first place in the group, leverkuzenskim Bayer . Owners owned advantage, but to hammer in the first time and could not. In second half of game it is red - white have even more strengthened an impact, and protection of visitors has started to be mistaken even more often. Twice for such errors in the penal Icelandic judge specified on odinnadtsatimetrovuju a mark, and Pavljuchenko with Mozart were exact. However, confidently to finish game to the happy end Spartak Has not managed. Last minute Pletikosa could not reflect not the most difficult blow from a corner penal, and added time has turned out nervous enough. Bayer pressed, very much wanted to hammer left at Germans on replacement eks - the forward of Russian national team Dmitry Bulykin, but Spartak has resisted - 2:1. In following tour spartakovtsam it is necessary departure on November, 29th to Prague on a match with Sparta . If Russians and there take three points, a problem on an exit from group in a spring stage plej - off it will be possible to consider executed ahead of schedule.
Capital the Locomotive in Scotland under snow and a heavy wind fought with Aberdeen . Game has turned out opened, with weight of scoring chances at gate of both commands. The bill was opened by Scots after angular, Loko has responded them very similar naked - after a canopy of Samedova Ivanovich in an emphasis has shot the goalkeeper of owners. The bowl of scales fluctuated till last minutes, possibility to hammer Sychev, Biljaletdinov had, Odevmvingie, but the match and has come to the end with the bill 1:1. After neutral result in last tour with Atletiko railwaymen have typed two points and go on the second place in the group. The following game in an UEFA Cup at Loko will take place on November, 29th in Moscow with the outsider - Danish Copenhagen .