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Nikolay Kuznetsov loved a motor rumble as voices of children

Smiths has fallen in love with the foreman of controllers

Nikolay Kuznetsova`s Name carries the largest in the country   scientifically - a technical complex, the initials NK stand on aircraft engines, in its honour the street is named.

Nikolay Dmitrievich has arrived To Kuibyshev in 1949 when he was 39 years old, the same year the designer married Maria Smirnovoj, the young working woman of the Ufa aviation factory. The scientist has come once into shop and has seen, how the beautiful little girl drove on the factory cart.

is Masha, the foreman in department of controllers, - have explained to interested Kuznetsovu of the colleague. But to approach to pleasant girl it was almost impossible. He is a chief designer, she is a foreman. That colleagues, parents,   will tell; the daughter from first marriage? (Nikolay Dmitrievich was then the widower. - a bus comment) . But over Smiths has stepped through conventions. Maria Ivanovna has agreed to accept the offer of the designer.
veterans of KB of a name of Kuznetsova remember, how in the mornings it went for work in shape, greeting everything, through the general checkpoint. Always showed the admission, though the general knew by sight everyone.

the Well-known Andrey Tupolev has put kuznetsovsky the engine on They be 95 which creation was under control   Stalin, and the winged car has reached America and has returned back!

Inhabitants of settlement Administrative where took place tests, complained to Nikolay Dmitrievichu: we can not Fall asleep - so on tests the engine " rustles;.
- That you! - responded Smiths. - and I cannot fall asleep, when it I do not hear.
noise of the engine he loved the same as voices of children.

the Designer caught Khruschev about a summer residence

In 60 - e years of the last century our scientists should create the new rocket under the code name N - 1 . Academician Korolev has given engine Kuznetsovu working out, having shut eyes to that that was engaged only in aircraft earlier.

is there was a special order - technical and political. It was necessary to depart the first on the Moon, - Sergey Humarjan, the colonel in resignation, the veteran of bodies of a state security remembers.

it was necessary to convince Khruschev to begin working out   in Kuibyshev. Having learnt, when Nikita Sergeevich will go from a summer residence, Smiths and Tupolev have adjusted the car on a line, have opened a cowl. Surprised such meeting, Khruschev really left the car...
but Americans   have landed on the Moon the first. Then competitor Kuznetsova - Valentine Glushko becomes the general designer of space programs of the USSR. He declared the rocket an error of technical thought . Engines have ordered to destroy, but Smiths has disobeyed.

Only in 90 - h it was found out that Smiths then has outstripped - taki the USA. Liquid rocket engines have appeared more powerfully and more reliably American. After almost 40 years a child   Kuznetsova it is absolutely not obsolete. From the rocket have only blown off a dust yes have replaced linings. The fruit of technical thought of the designer has shown tremendous reliability.
Nikolay Kuznetsov has died on July, 31st, 1995 in Moscow when he was 85 years old.


watch a film Nikolay Kuznetsov from a documentary cycle the Samara destinies today, on November, 10th , in 19. 40 on TV channel RIO .  

the Author of the scenario - Xenia Rusjaeva.
Operators - Oleg Melchenkov, Sergey Shaganov, Yury Lebedev.
the director - Andrey Peker.
the Project head - Vitaly Dobrusin.