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The people do not want a strong hand

it was possible to receive not published poll of the All-Russia centre of studying of public opinion (VTSIOM) about people consider what qualities as the main things in politicians. In our opinion, this data is especially interesting on the eve of elections in the State Duma. VTSIOM named the poll Politicians as brands .
we analyze Results with the director for development VTSIOM by Maxim MUSSELEM.
- Maxim how it are politicians - brands? It is clear, if it is a question about Mercedes or the cook - kole, and in the politician?

- In business material result - money, and in the politician - voices.
Therefore brands exist and in the politician. For public people the distinctive feature is important. Poll has shown, that is not present at one of them. All of them create image any type. That washes away a picture, in my opinion. Zhirinovsky - the most accurately moulded image.

- Why there were these characteristics?
- In the beginning we have asked, what characteristics can be used for an estimation of politicians. These are qualities which were specified by people. Therefore a rating national true. Clever and honest politicians in it are in the lead. Young - in the end of the list. The age has appeared is not important.
- But also kind in the end of the list.
- When we spent polls about characteristics of businessmen, leaders of the companies have received a conclusion that there is a back coupling between business and human qualities. People consider, if it human, the bad businessman. Perhaps, here the same history.
- Why you do not have Zubkov? And anybody from opposition - neither Kasparov, nor Kasyanov?
- Should pass time that people have estimated activity of the new prime minister. And we have begun poll even before shifts. Kasyanov has received low enough factor of recognition. Kasparov know more, but it is conceived more likely as the known sportsman. Here those who is most recognised.
- the sensation Is created that it is faster a set of preferences, than real characteristics.
- Characteristics are developed thanks to the leader. The leader in the country, as it is known, Putin. People see these qualities in it and on them estimate other politicians.
- As you think, to Putin created image?
- As to image, it is impossible to make what it is not of the person. Know, why one distinctive characteristic is not necessary to it? There are two kinds of positioning. On one of distinctive features and on leadership. If the leader - then it is not necessary characteristics, it is enough of it. But, on the other hand, in Russia it is impossible to become the leader, without being on most topovoj positions. In other countries there were informal leaders. Martin Luther King, for example.
- That has surprised sociologists in answers?
- Ruptures meanwhile that should be and that is real is. The brightest rupture - between fair as the main quality and real presence of honesty in politicians. It means that this quality does not suffice them. It is amusing that people consider Putin as the youngest politician though it is more senior both Medvedev, and Ivanov, and Shojgu. Putin is simply conceived as young.
- As a policy to create a bright image?
- We see that one of participants of race does not have high points, except, repeat, Putin, under the characteristic clever . And it, from the point of view of the people, the most important characteristic. Therefore if the politician teleologically, during certain time works over the characteristic clever on the sly will start to type points and during any moment it will appear at list top on a rating clever . If the politician understands that with this quality will succeed to it tjazhelovato that let works over the characteristic fair it too main for the people. But besides it is necessary to understand that people mean by a word fair : 5 years speak same or does not take a bribe?
- That is speech about public relations - technologies. And a leah they on a broader scale are necessary now, when and so it is clear who will be in the Duma?
- That is a leah the branding is necessary at monopoly? The politician after all works not only on one target audience under the name the population . There are also others - Presidential Administration, the Central Electoral Commission, the press, elite. They, as speak in business, bear risks - can not allow to collect votes, not to give money for campaign.
- There is an opinion that the people want a strong hand . Leah is looked through it, in your opinion, from poll?
- Clever fair - the first lines - it can not be regarded as expectation a strong hand . Strict - definition which is the closest to to a strong hand - only in the end of the list. No, active, dynamical and simultaneously the patriotic person who moves the country forward more likely appears, develops. And it is different things - has pressed and moves forward .
What question - such answer
As appears from this poll VTSIOMa, Russians do not dream at all of the rigid governor. However, according to many other researches, people support the strong power and an order. To whom to believe? Probably, business in formulations. Ask: a leah you want crackdown ? For certain receive the answer is not present . And if: you for the strong power in the country? The answer, most likely, will be positive. To whom it is necessary the weak power ? And more the answer frequently depends on a situation in the country: restlessly - the strong hand that has put things in order is necessary, is silent and stable - then zhelannee democracy.