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The Cinderella demands divorce and $1. 000. 000 compensation

American Imdad Hejk has fallen in love at first sight with the dancer of own restaurant Delhi Angelinu Morozovu. Beautiful 19 - the summer Muscovite coiled in the Indian dance, yet without suspecting that already has completely taken hold of heart of the owner, 38 - the summer businessman.

Imdad has approached to Angeline and, being stirred, in broken Russian has told:

- a leah you Will disagree to have supper with me?

So their novel - with the beautiful courtings, expensive gifts and a sea of flowers has begun. After a year Imdad has made to the dancer the proposal. Magnificent wedding have played in Switzerland.

the Sweet dream

They have lodged in Moscow, on one of floors of its office, altered under inhabited apartments. Their firstborn Iman soon was born.

- my fellow-heir should have all the best! - Happy daddy exclaimed, showering with thanks to the spouse for the son. Their home life reminded a sweet dream more and more: the passionate love, the healthy kid, romantic rest in planet heavenly spots (for the favourite wife and child Imdad of money did not feel sorry). Together they have travelled the whole world.

- How much Imdad is rich, I have learnt only after a marriage, - Angelina admitted then.

Imdad Hejk - a figure in the Russian business known. In 1989 it one of the first Americans has opened clothes chain store system Global USA . In 90 - h bought up some buildings under floor spaces (a part from them has handed over chain store systems " later; Ramstor ) . Its projects brought huge profits, and only one has appeared unsuccessful. In 1996 Hejk has opened in Moscow one of restaurants of a world famous network the Planet Hollywood . Event have noted with pathos, on presentation there came even Stephen Sigal. However Hollywood in the Russian capital has not got accustomed, and enclosed 20 million dollars have not paid off.

Failure with restaurant has not unsettled Hejka. It there and then undertook other projects. And in 1999 at spouses of Hejk the charming daughter of Anzhelika was born.

Angelina from the perfect dancer of the Indian dances has turned to the hammered wife of the husband - the sadist.

He has forbidden children to speak on - russki

Angelina even has remembered exact date of wreck of their happy life: on March, 17th, 2005.

- Then the husband has come home drunk, has flopped on a bed, - remembers Angelina. - I, the pregnant woman the third child, hardly could turn it to undress and lay properly. And when began to collect its scattered things, has come across a videocassette. It became curious, has put it in the videorecorder. Also was struck dumb. On a film my husband and more any man - the African have a good time with naked maidens. All night long prorydala. Has demanded explanations in the morning. Imdad has grown furious.

It began to beat me, the pregnant woman, - Angelina tells. - has some times struck in a stomach. I turned aside, but it as if from a chain has broken. So our home life the end has come. Has told that I will sue for divorce. But Imdad has threatened that will take away children, with its money it is not difficult...

the Fear to lose kids was stronger than bitter offence. Angelina has become silent. And the husband, having felt its weakness, has had a ball.

- It as though has unmasked itself(himself) the loving spouse, - the woman sighs. - did not hide that I it do not interest any more, we home constantly were called by its mistresses. Imdad has expelled me from a bedroom in a room for visitors. It was not softened even after at us the daughter Maria was born.

did not give money, bought only meal and which - what things. In all rooms has established video observation chambers, tried, that I as less as possible communicated with children. To seniors, the son and a daughter, has strictly forbidden to talk on - russki and has given in English - the American school at embassy.

Thirteen years later

Mutual hatred when - that has reached happy spouses of the apogee in the autumn of last year. The occasion to scandal was insignificant: Angelina has asked the husband that he has put to bed the daughter who has sat up at the TV. The millionaire has blown up.

- It has again beaten me, and this time I have got to hospital, - tells Angelina. - Doctors have fixed a beating, have given out the inquiry with the diagnosis plural bruises of soft fabrics of the person, the left hip, the left brush also have sent the telephone message in OVD Hamovniki . The militia has begun check. But it was possible to the husband otvertetsja. Imdad asserted that has casually touched me when I tried to turn out to it a hand. Have believed to the husband, even affairs have not got.

Nerves at Angeliny have not sustained. Having come to the senses a little, it has submitted the petition for divorce to Chertanovsky court.

- Before it to divorce, we wanted to solve all amicably, - lawyer Angeliny Alexander Primak explains. - I communicated with Imdadom Hejkom, have suggested it to buy for the wife and children apartment in Moscow, to pay monthly 800 000 roubles as the alimony for three children and 300 000 roubles of Angeline as to the trustee while the younger daughter it will not be executed three years. Besides, has suggested it to open addressed to Angeliny of an abacus in one million dollars, on a case if with it there will be a misfortune and it cannot pay the alimony.  

According to the lawyer, Imdad has agreed to divorce. But money has refused to pay. On court has declared that Angelina left for it self-interest, and now, later 13 years of joint life, wants to leave for the same reason.

- Hejk has brought documents which left that it works under the contract and that all its salary leaves on the maintenance of a family and education of children, - the defender speaks. - and protection and a servants in the house the firm in which it works pays. But, under our information, it is lie. Imdad Hejk is the founder and the general director of 24 firms in Russia. Its status is estimated a minimum in $50 million...

the Court proceeds, and than this divorce case will end, is not clear yet. But it becomes clear, why the history of the Cinderella interrupts right after weddings - the further succession of events no means always happens similar on a fairy tale.