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Jokes the sparrow Flies to number

over wood, puffs, makes an effort, but bears in claws an antelope. Two cuckoos look to it following:
- That it it?!
- yes to it in a nest krokodile egg have thrown...
- You whom have called cattle, rubbish? Yes I the intellectual in third generation! To clearly you, the freak?!
your kitten cannot get used to the cat`s toilet? How to make, that the kitten has got used to the cat`s toilet?
allow to read and smoke there to it!
the Child in any way does not want to fall asleep. The wife speaks to the husband:
- Perhaps to me to it something to sing?
- try with it at first on - good...
- Dear, you at me will be the first...
- the darling, yes I for the sake of you...
-... The first you will rise, erase, iron, prepare and take out garbage. Has understood, road?
- Verka at all is not painted, and there live with the husband of a shower in soul many years.
- Uh you! And in what a secret?
- and he drinks!
In the world there are two kinds of an adhesive plaster: what cannot be stuck, and what cannot be torn off.
At last on Chukotka there was a technological break in network computer technologies: Chukchi hackers have cracked an accounting abacus.
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