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The townsman Shilka has made two murders

Office of Public Prosecutor of Transbaikalian edge has directed to Transbaikalian regional court for consideration in essence criminal case concerning two townsmen of Shilka – before the offender for fulfilment of murder and   abduction of documents 20 - summer Konstantin Nazarov and   it 16 - the summer acquaintance.

the Young man is accused of fulfilment of murder of two persons and   involving of the minor girl in commission of crime by threats. Its acquaintance is accused of complicity in fulfilment of murder by granting of the tool of a crime.

  Besides it, both defendants are accused of fulfilment of theft with causing of a considerable damage to the citizen.

- In spite of the fact that Nazarov was conditionally - ahead of schedule for 3 years and   3 months it is released from imprisonment places, not   has drawn for itself due conclusions and   has made a new series of crimes. Has thus involved in them the minor acquaintance, Svetlana Suhoparova, the senior public prosecutor of department of Office of Public Prosecutor of edge has told.

at Night August, ninth, 2010. Nazarov with two girls, the noisy company walked in one of apartments of Shilka, drank spirits. The mistress of the house has decided to go to sleep, and the youth has continued a feast. Fight has begun, the obscene abuse overflowed - one of girls has offended the guy. It was not pleasant to it, and he has decided to finish with the offender. Has started to beat her on the person, then has passed to more drastic measures - has started to smother a cord from an electric wire. The girlfriend of the criminal has not interceded for the poor little girl, and helped the guy - held a door, without letting out wanting to run away the victim. Nazarov has asked the assistant to pass it an axe and has cruelly finished with the girl - has put it some blows to the head owing to what it has died on the spot.

After that Nazarov has come into a bedroom of the mistress and   has stolen at it gold earrings. Then, being afraid that it after awakening will report the matter in law enforcement bodies, has put and   to it some blows by an axe edge in neck area. The woman has died also on a scene.

that its minor acquaintance has refused to take part in murder of the mistress of apartment, Nazarov in punishment has beaten it, and then under the threat of application of violence has demanded from the girl to steal property from apartment. That has agreed and   two of them have stolen at the mistress a gold ring, female dublenku, a table set, man`s trousers and   a shirt, the camera and   a number of other things for a total sum of 36 thousand roubles.

Thanks to professionally spent operatively - search actions managed to establish within a week suspected of commission of crime and   to detain them. In the relation Nazarov the preventive punishment in the form of imprisonment has been selected. The accomplice of crimes is under a subscription about nevyezde and   good behaviour.