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Visit of delegation of the high-ranking US military men to China has ended with squabble

the Chief of the Joint Staff   Chinese   armies   the general   Chen Binde has welcomed visitors from - for ocean words that the maneuvers, which Americans have spent together with Vietnam and Philippines in Southern - the Chinese sea « are extremely inappropriate ». However on joint a press - conferences admiral Mike Mullen, the chairman of Incorporated committee of chiefs of staffs and the head of the American delegation, has declared that the USA will be and to support henceforth the allies in region.

Special   a sharpness   to squabble of generals   gives   sharply   become aggravated   in   the last   months conditions in   Southern - Chinese   the sea. China, Vietnam, Taiwan, Philippines, Malaysia and   Brunei apply on big   sites   the seas. The most disputable territories are Paratselsky islands and archipelago Spratli.

Washington recently   has spent joint doctrines with   Philippines   and   plans   such   doctrines with   Vietnam. In   the Pentagon   assert that   maneuvers   are planned   for a long time   and   in any way   are not connected   with   become aggravated in   the last   weeks relations   between   Beijing   and   Hanoi.

General Chen has scarified visitors from America, having declared that they repeatedly promised not to interfere with affairs in Southern - the Chinese sea, however the promise do not carry out. He has suggested the government of the USA to spend more money not for army, and on simple people.

Admiral Mullen which have arrived to China with 4 - day visit which urged to deepen cooperation between two countries in military area, to the USA has rejected criticism and has confirmed that Americans will be and to spend henceforth joint doctrines with allies. He has underlined that the United States the same as China, are Pacific power.