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On the boat which has sunk on Teletsky lake was 6 novosibirtsev

had not time to thunder all over the country   messages on tragedies in Tatarstan and in the Tomsk region (we will remind - in the first case on Volga   the steam-ship " has sunk; Bulgarija , and in the second - passenger plane An - 24 ) as state of emergency happens in one region of Russia - Republic Altai has fallen directly in the river Ob. Yesterday, on July, 11th,   nearby 20. 00 on lake Teletsky around cape Kuan (it is the left coast of lake) the boat on diving wings " has turned over; Volga . On a vessel there were 13 persons, from them 12 passengers.

8 passengers and the driver of a boat passing courts are delivered in village Artybash. Four persons were missing. Among passengers were and 6 inhabitants of the Novosibirsk region.

- All passengers of a boat - inhabitants of nearby regions, - have informed in a press - service of the Ministry of Emergency Measures on Republic Altai. - Under the preliminary information, six from them - tourists from the Novosibirsk region. But all of them, fortunately, managed to be rescued, all are healthy.

the Detailed list of those who has suffered from boat revolution will appear later. While the Siberians stirred about destiny native, gone to Mountain Altai can be converted by hot line phone: (388 - 22) 2 - 31 - 52 .

to See state of emergency on Teletsky lake on a map bolshego the size

Details read in the near future on our site.


« On Altai the Novosibirsk tourist » was lost;