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In Lesosibirsk the dog has snatched on the mistress and hardly not zagryzla

- Keri, faugh! Faugh, Keri! To the aid!!!, - shouted 51 - the summer inhabitant of Lesosibirsk Tatyana. From eyes of the woman a stream tears flew, and hands were in blood.

On Tatyana its own dog has snatched. Kerri which she remembered still the fluffy lump which is finding room in palms. Tatyana did not feel sorry money for the favourite: indulged vkusnostjami, « has written down » a dog on training courses. The dog has grown from a lovely puppy in the big dog, let not purebred, feet aggressive to extraneous people. That the animal has crippled nobody, the proprietress had to hold often it on a chain in a court yard of the house. Here and this time Tatyana has approached to a dog with a chain in hands. Was going to deduce to walk. But as soon as it was pulled to an animal, Keri has begun to roar and was showed. The mistress has tried to calm her, but unsuccessfully. The furious dog has rushed on Tatyana and has seized to it hands. The scared woman has started to beat off from a dog and to call to the aid neighbours. Fortunately, neighbours dug in a kitchen garden, have heard shouts.

Artem Kishkurin, the employee a press - services GU of the Ministry of Internal Affairs across Krasnoyarsk region

- We at first tried to distract Kerri, but it did not react, only growled and went on Tanju, - neighbours remember.

Who has guessed to call the divisional, already nobody remembers. That has come tearing along in a few minutes – the blessing, a site absolutely nearby. To the policeman remains nothing how to open shooting on an animal.

Tatyana have taken away in hospital and have imposed to it seams. Physicians say that if it is a little more, Tatyana would die of the big loss of blood.