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Alexander Sirash has answered questions of Barnaul citizens

Alexander Sirash
the Photo: Oleg of WAYS

Alexander SIRASH, the head of administration of the Central area, within an hour responded to calls of readers In time the Direct line 27 calls have arrived.

- Hello, Alexander Fedorovich! You are disturbed by Natalia Vasilevna Lycheva, mum of the graduate of school 55. Now in average educational institutions public administrative advice from among parents who participate in drawing up of programs of development of educational institutions, and since recent time - even in distribution of the stimulating extra charge to teachers is created. We support it. And what your opinion concerning existence of this advice?

- Day kind, Natalia Vasilevna! Education is the service, which main consumers - pupils and parents. Therefore their opinions necessarily should be considered at an estimation of activity of educational institutions. Such advice, in my opinion, is very necessary. Annually we hand over grants to the best pupils of our schools and area reading and writing - to their parents. And I see high interest of parents in successes of children that very much pleases. You, Natalia Vasilevna, I sincerely give thanks for education of daughter Irina which has taken part recently in the All-Russia youth scientific forum the Step to the future also has won the big scientific gold medal for absolute superiority in the field of natural sciences. Thanks you!

- Hello! My name is Sergey Pavlovich, I live on settlement Southern. A question such: when to us will make bus stops? They at us practically are not present - were saved only in the street Dzerzhinsky. And on Musorgsky - there where goes 55 - j the bus, on a broader scale any has not escaped.

- Has understood your question. Last year when repaired a road site otgai to settlement Southern, we planned to establish three new stopping complexes, and even more - less suitable to use to repair and establish in other places. I believe that your settlement will be included in the city program of replacement of stops and we will manage to solve this problem.

- And a leah it is possible to make still walking paths that people did not go on a dirt?

- It is possible. This year we have a little changed a policy of an accomplishment of area. We will repair there where people have made any efforts to oblagorazhivaniju territories. We will co-operate on an equal footing with management companies and tenants .


- Good afternoon! My name is Elena Fedorenko. I work in city youth library. To my son nine years, and most of all we like to walk in a recreation park of the Central area. And now on the TV began to say that in territory of match factory any building will begin. And that   then will be with park?

- Is not present, the park will not lose a city, in its territory of any building will not be conducted.   but to renew it will not prevent: the territory, otsypany paths will be improved, there will be new attractions. And in territory of match factory there will be an original city in a city. There there will be a cultural centre, a historical museum and the biggest in a city of halls for solemn receptions.

- Pensioner Vladimir Dmitrievich Anisimov disturbs you, I live in settlement Central. I go six years to local administration, I ask, that in the street the Village fence have made illumination. I ask you to interfere with a situation!

- In your street we planned first of all asphalt to put. With illumination while it is a bit more difficult - means are necessary, and in sufficient volume we have no them. On last board I brought up this question. But at first I would ask you to solve together with the chairman of street committee a problem with illumination of licence plates on houses.

- Hello, Alexander Fedorovich. My surname of Soboleva. I work in territory of the Central market 17 years. A leah truth what all trays and booths will be soon taken down? How much people then will lose work?

- Workplaces will not be liquidated. And here really we will soon finish street trade - till January, first of next year, according to the governmental order of the Russian Federation. I repeatedly met businessmen of the Central area and with those who costs in the market. We discussed a question of building of shopping centre where sellers from street could pass with tenants. It finally is favourable also to you - will work not on a wind and under snow, and in normal heated premises.

- Thanks, you have calmed me.

- My name is Nina Kirillovna. I live in the street International, 46. In our court yard there is no bench, and the children`s playground is not equipped absolutely not. In the private house opposite trade in alcohol. And in our house it is a lot of children

- We are ready to put benches. But you are assured that do not call us in a week and will not complain of the companies of teenagers, which them occupy in the evenings? And on a children`s playground we will try to solve and dig up resources. And as to palenki - inform the exact address, we will cover this illegal trade. Thanks you for a call!

- I live in a private sector, in the street Kachalov, call me Stepanida Alekseevna. At me a question: how will soon instal gas in us?

- First of all you need to create initiative group with neighbours and to start to prepare the project. When it will be ready, we will look, from what sources to finance building of gas pipelines. It can be either legal bodies, or co-operative societies of owners of private houses.


-   My name is Natalia Gerasimov, I the student. How you consider, a leah is at us in area oversaturation outdoor advertising?

- absolutely fair question. Oversaturation is. In the near future we closely will be engaged in the decision of this problem, we will do all that the area became more beautiful. And even are ready to spoil for the sake of it relations with many advertisers. Can write on the address of the administration, what board or an extension, in your opinion, needs to be cleaned, we will take measures. And behind observance of all rules of placing naruzhki we will watch.

- Hello, Alexander Fedorovich! I your namesake. Would like to ask such question: at many enterprises of a city an acute shortage of shots, and graduates of high schools cannot find to themselves work. Tell, what people of trades the Central area needs?

- Now we gradually start to restore manufacture. Has earned factory the Rotor - the largest industrial enterprise. There technologists and designers, milling-machine operators and turners are necessary. In a city surplus of lawyers and economists, and here working trades - in deficiency is felt. I would recommend to graduates of schools to choose highly specialised technical trades. Here, for example, the same milling-machine operators of the sixth category earn to forty thousand a month - not each person with higher education gets such wages.

- Good afternoon! My name is Olga Leonidovna. I began to notice that large grocery self-service shops deceive buyers. On the price list one, and on cash desk at calculation absolutely another is highlighted. Please, explain, why so occurs?

- Under the law while all goods from the previous party are not sold, the seller has not the right to raise the price. If to you has occurred similar - call by the person on duty of regional administration to phone (3852 63 - 08 - 25 and inform, in what shop it happens. We will take measures.  


Only figures  

In area transfer of boiler-houses into natural gas proceeds: it is translated already 62 boiler and heating devices that has allowed to improve essentially ecological conditions in the central part of a city. 38 co-operative societies for gasification of the private sector, three thousand house owners uniting more, and three associations of the enterprises for individual share of 40 legal bodies in building of gas pipelines to boiler-houses are organised.

In 2007 it is installed gas more than thousand apartments, 30 km of gas pipelines are constructed.

Useful phones

the Person on duty on area (round the clock) - (3852 63 - 08 - 25
municipal services Management - (3852 36 - 47 - 79
architecture and town-planning Management - (3852 63 - 27 - 57
Management of social protection of the population - (3852 63 - 40 - 09
Department of power resources and available housing operation - (3852 63 - 29 - 23
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