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Leah it is necessary kemerovchanam to be afraid kommunalshchikov - private traders?

on questions of readers the deputy chief of department of life-support of municipal economy of administration of Kemerovo Yury Aleksandrovich SHELKOVNIKOV responds.

to Choose managers yet late

- Good afternoon! What will be, if inhabitants were not defined with way of management prior to the beginning of this year?

- Then competition on service of the given available housing is held. That is the management company which will serve this house on contractual conditions gets out.

- When it will be defined, who will serve houses which have not chosen a way of management?

is a process long. In - the first, we are obliged to generate the demand, to prepare the documentation on competition, to expose it on a city administration site. Within 30 days to collect all demands from all organisations which will be converted on service of the given available housing. The commission gathers, all packages of documents are opened, within 10 days are considered   all competitive demands,   and then the commission defines, who has won competition. This work should be spent within 2008.

- And if still there is no decision on the house, it is possible now for tenants to create TSZH or to choose a management company?

- Yes. How to hold meeting and to make the decision, will prompt in Management of life-support of municipal economy.

On what ZHEKi in Kemerovo complain is more often?

- Good afternoon, I Tatyana Anatolevna. A leah truth, what at private traders is better quality of services? Speak, in Kirovsk in private REU mechanics, when come on a call not to leave tracks in apartment,   put on bahily.

is all depends on money, instead of from the status of the serving organisation. From the initiative   the companies. If it is paid service, for example, work on toilet bowl replacement the company can include in a payment for this service cost bahil. Money small, but the mechanic who has come under the demand, will not dirty a floor in your apartment. Hardly someone from inhabitants will be against.

- Hello, it is Sergey calls. Of what REU complain, for example, in the mayoralty - private or municipal is more often?

- Nobody conducts such statistics, and any dependence between status ZHEKa and quantity of complaints to its work, no. The number of the reference of citizens depends not on what organisation serves available housing, and from degree of deterioration of habitation. For example, on the organisation which serves new houses, there was only one complaint. Complaints go basically there, where the big percent of deterioration of habitation. To thicket it is houses of construction of the beginning - the middle of the last century, as for example, in the old centre - doiskitimskoj city parts.

- And a leah is in private REU deficiency of yard keepers and tehnichek, how in the usual?

- We do not conduct such statistics. The problem of a lack of shots nevertheless, perhaps, is as a whole on available housing, is not dependent on what - private or municipal ZHEK serves it. As tariffs for service of places of the general using in the housing organisations of a city identical also payment of the same yard keepers does not differ. At that tariff which now operates in Kemerovo, the average salary of yard keepers if it works on the rate, does not exceed two thousand roubles, therefore yard keepers work on 2 - 3 rates, but the staff deficit all the same is. However it exists not only in housing and communal services sphere. Some TSZH in Kemerovo have already made the decision that they will pay in addition for work to the yard keeper or that on these means it was possible to get any necessary for cleaning of a court yard the technics.

Who watches private traders?

- Hallo, it is Bulatkina Vera Ivanovna. A leah will be explanatory work with the population is spent, what ZHEKi at us in Kemerovo private what are not present?

- For today the private housing organisations already work for us in all disctricts of the city. To learn the status of the organisation which serves you, it is possible in her. And in Management of the uniform customer housing - utilities of Kemerovo it is possible to receive the inquiry on a management company which offers tenants of your house the services. If it already worked in the market of service of habitation earlier, there to you will prompt, as this company of has recommended.

-   Ekaterina disturbs. What if private ZHEK badly serves habitation? Someone supervises its work?

- Any ZHEK if it not properly serves available housing, can be punished penal sanctions. It is possible to complain of any housing organisation in supervising bodies - Management of the uniform customer housing - utilities of Kemerovo, the state housing inspection, or to come on reception to the assistant to the mayor on housing and communal services. Besides, if the serving organisation does not arrange, proprietors have the right to change it for other management company, having made of such decision at general meeting of tenants. However more often to change managers it will not turn out, the contract with them consists for a year. After a year the company reports at general meeting about the work done by it, and on it proprietors can make other decision. It is possible not only change the company, but also to create on house TSZH or to choose direct manipulation by habitation.

- Hello! A leah it is possible to choose a management company from other area if the ZHEK does not arrange?

- Without questions. At us for today, for example, a management company Kedrovsky left with the offer to inhabitants of recently constructed house in new 12 - m microdistrict on MZHK, inhabitants have chosen it, and it serves this house though the organisation settles down in residential area Kedrovka.

If batteries rustle or do not heat

- Good afternoon, I Pikalov Valery Ivanovich, live on Lenin`s prospectus, 134. Where it is possible at us in Kemerovo to be converted with the complaint to chief REU?

- In - the first, in trust of Lenin area if there will not help -   in UEZZHKU. And what at you happens?

- At us periodically batteries very strongly rustle. So, it is impossible what to sleep. The reason as I understand, that circulation is broken. They come, dump will switch off and   it`s OK. Then people start to complain that freeze, they again will include - and all repeats. In the summer the coil does not heat, yet will not include water dump.

- First of all it is necessary for you to write the application in Sanepidnadzor with the request to spend noise level gaugings in your apartment. It is necessary to establish the fact that noise at you exceeds admissible norms.

- Hello, I of Barbarian Vladimirovna Kozhevina, live on the prospectus October, 7. At all of us ZHEKi the state?

- Is not present, at us in a city is both municipal REU, and private   - Open Company, state of emergency, management companies.

- Still a question. Our house serves REU - 10, in the winter in apartment was very cold, on kitchen only 5 - 7 degrees, batteries new, but did not heat absolutely. From REU time and again came both the master, and the mechanic, something looked in a cellar, but has changed nothing. Forces to achieve further that have taken measures, has not sufficed. Well in the street has become warmer, and now this problem has ceased to be actual. But it would be desirable to know, what to us to undertake in the next winter, if it will be cold, and REU measures will not accept?

- On any questions, not only on heat,   which qualities of service of habitation concern, it is possible to be converted to the dispatcher of Management of the uniform customer housing - utilities. There accept complaints and consider those questions which arrive from inhabitants. So, if poor-quality service penal sanctions - removal of money resources for utility rendering in incomplete volume or inadequate quality are provided will be rendered. Besides, to inhabitants rent recalculation becomes. Also there is a supervising body the state housing inspection which prosecutes those subjects which concern habitation service, watches quality of granting of utilities. At them serious penal sanctions to those operating organisations which serve available housing nedolzhnym.

How to achieve repair?

- Hallo, it is Elena, from the prospectus Soviet, 33. At us is not present over a peak entrance. We have put recently a new door because without it an entrance have transformed into a toilet. And now all from a roof pours on it. Chief REU promised it to establish last year, and now declares that a peak will establish at our expense. To leave an entrance it is impossible. On all entrances them have put, and at us is not present. Who can help us?

- According to new you are obliged to make of the Housing code the decision where means which you bring as a part of the rent on major repairs of the general property of the house go. You can accept to establish at general meeting of proprietors a peak on this money. The project had been provided its installation?

- Is not present. Them earlier   anywhere in district was not, but on their next entrances why - that have made, and ours have bypassed.

- Most likely, there is no technical decision how to make a peak that it was safe.

- But after all when directly over an input in an entrance icicles and that hang and look will fail to somebody on a head   it is not safe?

- We will necessarily understand. But, unfortunately, entering of any changes in konstruktiv an apartment house can be brought only after project performance.

- Hello, I Leshchenko Galina Afanasevna from Lenin area. I know, repair of entrances in Kemerovo is carried out under the program 50 on 50. A leah It is possible to release at the expense of the budget from payment for repair of veterans, pensioners, invalids?

- Certainly it is possible, and it in our city becomes. But, that such help has been rendered, inhabitants should be converted into branch sotszashchity the area which is in territorial administration. There make the decision on rendering assistance from city budget.

Vyrezhi also save

Where to tenants to be converted behind the help?

- to Complain of the REU, and also to ask any questions, concerning habitation service, it is possible, having called on a hot line Managements of the uniform customer housing - utilities (UEZZHKU) Kemerovo, phone (384 - 2) 31 - 23 - 32.

- to Inform on problems in the habitation and bad quality housing - utilities, it is not dependent on what way of management was chosen by inhabitants of the house, it is possible in regional State housing inspection. Inspectors will punish the originator penalties and will demand to take measures. Phone of the Kemerovo branch: (384 - 2) 34 - 96 - 25.

- to Inquire about a management company which suggests to serve your house, it is possible in reception UEZZHKU of Kemerovo under number (384 - 2) 31 - 23 - 23.

- will answer any questions on a choice of a way of management of habitation and will help to hold for this purpose meeting of tenants in Management of life-support of municipal economy of administration of Kemerovo. Here it is possible to be converted, if wish to be learnt on a house manager in the educational centre Tetrakom on budgetary money. Call under number (384 - 2) 25 - 76 - 05.