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Nuclear station in the Kaliningrad region all - taki will construct

On Wednesday Kaliningrad with working visit the head of concern " has visited; Rosatom Sergey KIRIENKO. At a meeting with deputies of a regional thought it has given an unambiguous answer on a question on an atomic power station in territory of the Kaliningrad region - the atomic power station in region will appear.


When atomic power station building will begin?

- We need to make a substantiation of investments, a substantiation of influence on environment, to pass a number of examinations, - Sergey Kirienko has told. - to name terms I would begin a physical activity did not become, because it is not known, what is the time will occupy the listed procedures.

According to Kirienko, building from the first brick before atomic power station start will take five years. The beginning of work of station is planned on 2014 - 2015. The area of the site allocated under building, makes 200 hectares.

is a total area, with all infrastructure, - has explained Kirienko. - the station will take much less places.


Where will be?

As head " has told; Rosatom to build station at coast it is not obviously possible, because the recreational zone where the atomic power station absolutely is not entered in any way there is located.

- We have been urged to search for a platform for building in region, - has added Kirienko. - we with George Valentinovichem Boos have an arrangement: not to name issued yet all ground relations of a concrete place where the atomic power station will settle down. It becomes only for, that   not to provoke so-called ground racket. And when start large state projects, are people who will buy there three square metres, and then demands for them extreme money. The atomic power station will be located in hundred twenty kilometres from Kaliningrad. That is in the east of area.


In the station how much will manage?

According to the head of concern, approximate cost of the project will make 5 billion euro.

are money Rosatom that is public funds, - Kirienko has added.

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Is safe the atomic power station for health of the population of area?

During a meeting with Kaliningrad deputatmi Sergey Kirienko has resulted statistics of oncological diseases for 2007. As he said, these indicators as a whole on the country made 333 persons on hundred thousand population. While in cities - atomic power station companions - 322.

- How much at you in Kaliningrad middle age of life of the man? - Head " has asked; Rosatom at the main health officer of area of Tatyana Grunichevoj.

- 65 years, - she has responded.

- And at us on the closed cities - 73, - has informed Kirienko.


That the station of the Kaliningrad region gives?

In region there will be a considerable quantity of workplaces, qualified personnel be required. According to George Boos, the atomic power station mentions all fields of activity of region. Including education. In the Kaliningrad region there will be a new tax bearer, be compared with which on the sum of tax deductions of the regional budget any enterprise cannot. The prospective atomic power station will consist of two power units capacity of 1150 megawatt everyone. And it means that failures in supply of electricity to the area population any more will not be. At least, so Sergey Kirienko promised.