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Help the Saratov kids to find a family

Look at the faces of these kids: they sleep in warm beds, at them many beautiful toys and clever, careful tutors. There is no only one - favourite mum.

Our heading leaves four months. All this time told about kids whom parents have refused. Having written about them, we continue to watch their destiny. And to us it is very pleasant that after our first publication the family was found Natasha, by Artemka and Eric.

- As soon as there was a first number with this heading, to us the future parents of our children at once have come, - the social teacher of the Saratov children`s home Svetlana Berko remembers. - One steam, having seen Natashenku in the newspaper, at once has hastened to us. And in some days the girl has left our children`s home and now lives in a family. artemku too practically at once have taken away. And on its Eric the future mum and the father now legalise papers.

Look a photo and the description of children

After the February publication of the parents have found Nastja, Artem and Sasha. artemka, truth, still lives in children`s home, but its future mum and the father go every day to it, and as soon as documents will be issued, they will take away it home. Bliznjashek Lena and to Vick also take away in a family.

And here Ljudochku were found by her mother. She even did not know that the babe is in children`s home. As soon as she has seen the daughter in the newspaper, at once has called social teachers. Since then biological mum regularly is interested in the babe. And it not a unique case. Dashu its grandmother, for example, has found and began to come to see regularly.

We will be and further to continue to watch destiny of kids and to continue to tell about those to whom the care and love of parents is very necessary.