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Anastasia Volochkova: the Husband began to love me even more when I have returned to a family

on April, 16th in UDS the Hammer has passed Ilya Averbuha`s enchanting show the Glacial age . As a part of the invited stars has arrived to our city and Anastasia Volochkova. The ballerina so responsibly also thinks much of everything that does that has acted in 80 (!) Percent of cities from 67 declared in tour. Hardly someone from other stars of ice show can be compared to it in it. And on a meeting with the Perm journalists of Nastja has arrived literally from the plane.

- I have faced improbable complexities, participating in show! - the ballerina has told. - in - the first, before show I even in hands did not hold the fads. In - the second, figure skating - a specific sport, especially if you the ballerina! It is simply counter-indicative to us because of a traumatism and specificity koordinatsy. And if not Ilya (Averbuh - the Bus ), I would not dare to participate in this project.

Gesticulating, and between times with pleasure   posing for photographers, Nastja has continued:

  - All my relatives, friends and in the creative world people twisted at a temple and said that I the mad person. Husband Igor long and persistently explained to Ilya, than I am threatened with participation in show: Loss of a trade, my performances But I all have overcome also the tears I will leave at myself because I consider: this project has presented to me more pleasures, than afflictions! And I am very glad that today I can combine tour with concert programs and performances. The only thing - I cannot rehearse during tour the ballet roles, here only raskatka. Here also it is necessary to fulfil literally for couple of days all movements.  

By the way, it is literally a day before arrival to our city of Volochkova has put on the fads the daughter Ariadnu, which only two and a half a year.

- the Daughter itself has asked on ice, but, of course, could not feel all pleasure of figure skating yet, - the ballerina has shared. - by the way, thanks to participation in show, I with new force have felt love of relatives! I practically did not live at home, vanishing that on tours on trainings Happened that we with Anton Siharulidze started to fulfil number and at half past eleven p.m. and at an o`clock! Therefore when the project has ended, and I have come back home, the husband began to love me even more. However, now I participate in tour. And Igor comes often to cities where we act, every day sends love sms - ki. And the daughter indulges drawings and hand-made articles. It so is pleasant!  

the ballerina Has shared plans for the future and the dreams.

- there is my book " in the Summer; the Ballet novel now there is last editing. Also left collection DVD - a disk on which it is removed   six and a half hours of video about my life. And my dream - to create theatre and ballet school - studio as for professional actors, and small children. Also it would be desirable to open at this studio children`s orthodox school As to my career I think that its happy continuation will be cinema, and also solo performances at Drama theatre!

- Our cooperation with Nastej has not ended with the project Glacial age - the producer and hudruk show Ilya AVERBUH has joined in conversation. - I think that further we will embody some more joint projects. Also I consider a variant of producing of the future projects of Nasti. And on a broader scale, know, it in life is completely not similar to that glossy picture from magazines and the TV. It warm and very kind person who is completely given to favourite business, irrespective of ballet it or figure skating.        

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